Freelancing Platforms That Help Scale Your Business

24 Jun 2021

The gig economy was established during the 2008 global recession, when unemployed individuals took any job they could find. Since 2009, it has been referred to as part-time freelance work, and it’s now considered the norm for freelancers across the globe.

Businesses saw this as an opportunity to hire an affordable remote workforce, outsource some functions, and still receive high-quality service. Freelance platforms are the marketplaces where you’ll find such a remote workforce and enjoy additional tools to help you scale your business.


If you’re looking for various types of freelancers and a powerful platform that has your back, Fiverr is a good place to start. The simple user interface will draw you in, and interesting gigs will motivate you to keep on exploring.

On Fiverr, freelancers publish their gigs, and you’re purchasing the ones you like. Simply put, gigs are the descriptions of jobs that a freelancer will do for you. Fiverr also covers multiple niches and categories, meaning you’ll be able to find a freelancer for almost anything you need.

Recently, Fiverr started offering the Fiverr Business Tool. This tool will help you manage your teams and gain access to vetted freelancers who can work with you long-term and tend to your business needs. In addition, you’ll be assigned a Business Success Manager who will match you with the best talent for your team.


This is another popular freelance platform where you post jobs. Just like Fiverr, it allows you to offer different services, like IT, sales, or content writing. In addition, you can invite freelancers to apply for your job or wait and see who will apply.

You’ll also have access to freelance recruiters who can find you the right talent. They’ll screen and test freelancers to make sure they fit the job description. Talent scouts will save you time and go through profiles to match the right freelancer with your job post.

Upwork also offers the Project Catalog feature to help you finish urgent tasks and buy predefined projects. All you need to do is browse and buy one. This feature is similar to Fiverr gigs.


If you’re looking for the best of the best, Toptal is your go-to platform. It offers services of the top 3% of freelance talent in software development, design, finance, product management, and managing.

While it doesn’t offer services in any other niche, you can rest assured you’ll hire the best freelancers on the market. Toptal freelancers go through five steps of the screening process to prove they belong to the top 3%.

Toptal offers flexible engagement, and you’ll be able to hire within 48 hours for flexible or full-time work. It also has a native time tracker and a free invoicing app. It gives you a centralized view of all your projects and helps you track your team’s productivity.


LinkedIn is slightly different from standard freelance platforms. It’s a combination of social network and a freelance marketplace where you can find highly skilled freelancers. You can also create a professional-looking profile and a page for your business.

Since LinkedIn also serves as a networking platform, you’ll have some additional options while looking for freelancers. For example, you can follow hashtags, sort the most recently posted content, and search by keywords.

You also have access to a job posting account called LinkedIn Talent Solutions. There, you can publish job posts for your company for a select location and employment type. Upwork has a similar feature.


Hiring a freelancer to outsource some of your work has never been easier. You’ll find affordable and highly skilled remote workers, perfect to work on mundane or complicated tasks. Many freelance platforms provide additional tools and features, like Fiverr’s Business Tool, Upwork’s Project Catalog, and LinkedIn’s Talent Solutions to help you match with the perfect freelancer for any new or existing role.

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