Running a Business to Creating Change and Becoming a Coach

Running a Business to Creating Change and Becoming a Coach

Six months ago I had a revelation whilst stood next to some train tracks contemplating life (that's contemplating life, not contemplating taking my life BTW).

I'd been running the same business for 12+ years and had lost my passion for it.

Just then a train went flying by, I could smell the diesel and the noise was deafening. It shocked me out of my daydream.

For a split second I though to myself, "What if I had been stood in front of that train?"

Before the last carriage had whooshed past, I'd already countered myself with, "Well, what if you weren't?"

And I wasn't.

Cue the revelation.

If metaphorically I chose to carry on with my life then something had to change. And not just slowly.

I realised I had the power to change, right there, right then, in that moment.

So, I quit my "job"!

And started following something which I had desired for years, which was to teach others about business. All the things I wished I'd known ten years ago.

And I decided then that my passion and my life's work would be to impact as many business owners as possible through coaching.

Cue a huge desire to succeed followed up by MASSIVE ACTION.

6 weeks later I had 14 coaching clients and some amazing results under my belt and now I couldn't be happier. The most successful 6 months of my career, even more so than when I had 4 employees working for me.


Because they won't!

You have to not only want them to change but also get the f*ck out there and do ALL OF THE ACTIONS required to initiate that change and make it happen.

JFDI people!

Warm regards

Robin Waite

The Fearless Business Coach

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