How to Lose a Client in 7 Days - 7-Day Challenge

Why on earth would you want to lose clients? It's quite simple really; life is too short. Some clients are a pain in the arse. Sometimes we simply don't have enough time in the day to service all of the clients we now have. Times change. Businesses change direction. Maybe our product changes and we need to head in a different direction. But, at some point you will have to have some difficult conversations. Here is the why and over the next 7 days you'll get to know the how.

Day 3: PITAF - Pain in the Arse Factor

Let's face it, every now and then clients are a pain in the arse (not my Fearless Crew by the way, you lot are ace!). So, we need a simple system to identify those who are a pain in the arse. It's called the PITAF score. How much money does a client provide us versus how much of a pain in the arse are they.

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