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63% of company’s top marketing challenge is generating traffic and leads (according to Hubspot).And I bet you are one of that 63%, right?The good news is there are coaches out there who can help you.To begin to understand what ‘Business Development Coaching’ and Sales Mentoring are we need to understand what Business Development is and how it helps a company.

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Business Development means;

“The activity of pursuing strategic opportunities for a particular business or organisation, for example by cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships, or identifying new markets for its products or services.”

This means it’s all about how the interactions of these ‘strategic opportunities’ combine together to create growth for the company or organisation.

Business development is broken down into four categories;

  • Value - creating value to persist over the long-term
  • Customers - the people who pay for your products/services
  • Markets - this is where your target customers ‘live’, the development of a business depends on how adventurous you are within this category,
  • Relationships - building, managing, relationships based on trust, respect, and a mutual appreciation of each other's value.

Key Takeaways For Business Development Coaching and Sales Mentoring

  • Understand Business Development: Learn that it's about pursuing strategic opportunities, creating value, targeting customers, exploring markets, and building relationships for growth.
  • Role of a Business Development Coach: Recognise that a coach helps you expand your knowledge and skillset, guiding you in understanding your own business development and making choices for yourself.
  • Benefits of a Business Development Coach: Gain assistance in sourcing new customers, managing time better, forecasting statistics, setting SMART goals, and effectively implementing strategies.
  • Importance of Trust and Adaptability: Realise that trusting the process and being open to new perspectives and taking risks are essential for business growth.
  • Finding a Business Development Coach: Explore options by searching online for local coaches, or get in touch with Robin Waite through his website, email, or phone number.

What Does A Business Development Coach Do?

A Business Development Coach will help you get from where you are now to where you want to be, expanding your knowledge and skill bases.

It’s important to note the differences between coaching and consulting. Consultants “tell” clients what to do, but the best coaches help individuals make choices for themselves.Business Coaches hold coaching sessions, talks, content, eLearning programmes or videos.

A business coach focuses on:

  • setting you up to be more comfortable in sourcing new customers
  • helping you develop and understand your own Business Development using the four categories highlighted above
  • integrating business development activities into your daily activities until it becomes a second nature.

Why Do You Need A Business Development Coach?

As an entrepreneur, you have a well-developed set of skills. You have a product or service, but you have no idea how to sell to your ideal consumer or expand your consumer market.

Now imagine you have a Business Development Coach or a Sales Mentor in your corner.

Your coach and mentor will oversee and guide you in starting, growing and developing your target market. As a result, your business will grow.


You’ve got to trust the process.

Business growth IS NOT EASY!

Much like a sports coach, a Business Development coach's job will help you develop the skills and resources you need to be successful. It’s your job to do the heavy lifting.

Think of Gareth Southgate and the England World Cup Team in 2018. Gareth had the strategy (and the nice waistcoat) but the players “did the laps”.

How Else Can Your Coach Help You?

When you are overwhelmed with business, and you will be, a coach is there as a business partner to support you.

You will feel like there is too much to do and too little hours in the day. Your business coach will give you the tools to manage your time better.

You don’t know how much profit you are making at the end of your month. Your business coach will show you how to forecast your statistics and set your SMART goals, to help you achieve.

You feel like your business is out of control. And these goo-roos are telling you to do things. But you don’t implement them or know how to implement them. Your business coach will be your helping hand showing you the most effective way to implement them.

Change WILL NOT happen when you’re stuck in your own ways of doing things or are too afraid to take risks. The BEST BUSINESS COACH offers an outside perspective challenging your ways.

How To Get Yourself A Business Development Coach?

You’re now sat here thinking I NEED to find myself a Business Development Coach.

How do I find one?

There are a few options just pop a couple of these into Google and have a look.

  • Business Development Coaches near me
  • I need a Business Development Coach
  • Help! A Business Development Coach is needed
  • How can a Sales Mentor help me close bigger deals?


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