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As one of the UK's leading business coaches, Robin Waite has one simple goal; to make running a small business as simple as possible. We do this through our two signature business accelerators providing accountability and first class business knowledge and experience.

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As a Freelancer you're probably thinking some of the following things:

“I have 101 ideas and things I could do, BUT I just don’t know what to focus on next? Everyone else is killing it, t feels like I am doing the exact same thing... Why I am not achieving the same results? I'm I too indecisive?Should I raise my prices? Should I change my marketing strategies? Should I start a Facebook group"

As a freelancer, your income is totally dependent upon the contracts and the clients you will get.

More Clients = More Money = SUCCESS

Being a pro in your niche doesn't mean you are able to attract the clients especially when you are new at the freelancing game.

You’re now asking yourself “How can Business Coaching boost my freelance career?”

Where And How To Invest Time

Freelancing gives you independence and lets you work in your way, taking risks and accepting challenges. This independence makes you mentally relaxed.

But oops…

It highlights how bad you are at time management, you don't know when to apply for the contracts and when to write blogs. A Business Coach will let you know, how to make the best use of time.Helping you to divide your day in chunks telling you when to do what.

Gives You Fresh Ideas To Win More Clients

One head, one brain, and one body can only think of the limited number of ways of doing something.

A business coach is someone who has worked with hundreds of clients and thousands of freelancers. So, they are able to think in many ways. Grabbing and bringing the ideas which are fresh and that you couldn't think in the first place. Such nourishing ideas can help you boost your freelance business in a real way.

Helps You Overcome The Insecurities Of Losing Clients

When you have lost more than one client within a matter of days, you will start doubting your skills and aptitude for no reason. Belief and passion that you had first place will start dwindling and vanishing.

This can even lead you to lose more clients and make you depressed.

To come out of this depressing trauma, a Business Coach is going to help a lot. They are going to let you know how not to lose hope and work with equal passion and win clients.

Let You Work With Your Ideas To Make Them More Profiting

You are having so many ideas and you don’t know how to act on each of them.

As a freelancer your business coach is going to synchronise with you regarding those ideas and help you in making an order for the ideas. In this way, no idea will remain untouched and there will be nothing left unaddressed. Each idea will get your time and hence you will get the desirable results attached to your ideas.

Gives You Genuine And True Feedback

The Business Coach will tell you when you have made mistakes, worked on your strengths, weaknesses and the pros and cons of an idea. They will help you with genuine (and constructive) feedback.

By walking in the light of their feedback, you will be able to polish your skills and leave the negativities away. Very soon, you will become able to work independently without taking help from your Business Coach.

It will become second nature.

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