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Are you a creative professional?Do you struggle with your business? Do you want to create a career that is sustainable, enjoyable and profitable?If the answer is yes, then I'd like to help. I'm Robin, and I'm a business coach for creative professionals.

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As a previous graphic designer and illustrator myself, I know what it takes to run my own successful creative design business. And now I'd like to share my expertise with you.

I am passionate about helping other creatives build their ideal lifestyle as an artist and entrepreneur. If that sounds like you, then let's talk!

Why Is Working With A Business Coach Important?

You are not alone, after all.

You have a fantastic idea and the motivation to see it through, but you now require assistance in converting your concept into a flourishing company. Where do you go, though? Who then can assist you?

If you're like most people, you'll definitely reach out to your friends and family for advice first. I love that! They are definitely very supportive and helpful, but they might not be able to provide you with the kind of unbiased criticism that would help your company advance.

A business coach can assist you in obtaining that unbiased viewpoint from someone who has previously been in your position. After hearing what you have to say,  They'll listen to what you have going on, then give constructive feedback based on their experience working with other companies just like yours.

Your business coach will also be able to point out specific areas where you need improvement—and how best to move forward with those changes—so that when it comes time for growth or expansion, your business is ready!

The Challenges Of Being A Creative Professional

A creative professional is someone who creates things. It could be a writer, an artist, a musician or a filmmaker. It can also be someone who creates products or services, like a photographer or a web designer.

If you’re a creative professional, you likely know that the process of creating something new can be very rewarding. You also probably know that it comes with some unique challenges that other professionals might not have to deal with. Here are just a few:

Your ideas are in demand. People love your work and want more of it! This can be exciting — until you realise that being creative isn’t like flipping burgers at McDonalds; it takes time and effort to create something great. When all those people want more from you, they might get frustrated when they don’t get their new creation right away — especially if they don’t realise how much work goes into making something truly amazing!

You tend to live life on the edge financially. Creatives usually don’t make as much money as other professionals because we haven’t been trained in business skills like accounting or marketing (though this is changing).

Robin Waite - Business Coach
Robin Waite - Business Coaching for Creative Professionals

You have to be able to create your own income. If you're not creating your own work, then you're dependent on others to provide the work for you. And if they don't need your services right now, then you're out of luck.

You have no real boss. Your clients may give you feedback or direction, but they can't tell you what to do or how to do it. They can only tell you what they think they want and then let you interpret their needs and wants into something that works for both of you.

The work itself is often difficult and challenging. You may spend hours researching, brainstorming and trying to come up with solutions that are both innovative and effective. And then once the solution is discovered, it still takes more time and effort to get it implemented into reality. And sometimes even after all that effort, the solution doesn't solve the problem at all!

Creative professionals tend to struggle with self-confidence issues because we're constantly comparing ourselves against other people who seem more talented or successful than we are (even though most people feel this way about themselves).

Advice For Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners And Entrepreneurs

If you're a solopreneur or small business owner, here are some tips that can help you grow your business:

1. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you don't know how to do something, reach out to someone who does. This could include asking your friends for advice or hiring an expert. You'll find that most people are happy to help if they know how their skills can benefit others.

2. Set clear expectations from the start. When working with clients or customers, make sure everyone knows what's expected of them — both in terms of quality and timeliness — before starting any projects or services. It's much easier to set these expectations early on than after the job has started!

3. Have a backup plan in place if things go wrong. Sometimes when we're working on our own projects, something unexpected will come up and throw a wrench into our plans (think computer viruses or power outages). Always have a backup plan so that even if something goes wrong with one aspect of your business, another part will still function properly until you can fix the issue at hand

Why Do You Need A Business Coach?

Many creative professionals are self-taught and may have done well enough on their own up to this point. But if you want to be successful, you need help.

You've been doing it on your own for a long time, but maybe you're ready to take the next step and grow your business. Maybe you've tried other services like accounting or marketing but they haven't worked out for you. Maybe you're feeling stuck and don't know where to go from here. A business coach can help you break through those barriers and help you get the results you want in your business.

If any of these statements sound like a description of your situation, then hiring a coach might be right for you:

You have a great idea for a business but don't know how to make it happen.

You feel overwhelmed by all the details that go into running a business — like marketing, accounting and day-to-day operations — so much so that they keep getting in the way of actually growing your business.

You're tired of feeling alone and just want someone who understands what it's like to work as an independent creative professional (and won't judge).

What Can A Business Coach Help With?

A business coach can help you with many aspects of your business. They can help you set goals and stay on track to accomplish them. They can help you with how to market your business, how to price your products and services, how to develop a strong brand and how to grow your customer base. A good business coach will also be able to offer advice on a variety of topics like time management, delegation, hiring employees and more.

There are many different types of coaches available today, so choosing one can be difficult if you don't know what to look for in a coach or where to find one. Here are some tips:

If there is anyone in your life who has been successful running their own business, ask them who their coach was and what they thought about that person's coaching style. If they had someone who helped them during the early stages of their business when they were just starting out then this would be a great place to start looking for someone yourself. You may also want to ask them if they have any recommendations for other coaches out there that might work well with your personality type (if they’re not able to help you directly).

What Can a Business Coach Help With?
Robin Holding a Copy of Take Your Shot

If you're a creative professional, a business coach can help you with many things. Here are just a few of the most common areas where our clients have found coaching to be useful:

  • Clarifying your vision and goals for your business
  • Defining your target market(s) and how to reach them
  • Creating a marketing plan that will help you grow your business
  • Learning how to manage your time more effectively so that you can focus on what matters most (i.e., growing your business)
  • Developing financial literacy skills (i.e., understanding profit & loss statements, cash flow, etc.)

A Business Coach Can Provide Accountability

A business coach is a great way to get the support you need to grow your creative business.

If you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed with your business, business coaching services can provide accountability and help you create a plan for success.

The idea of hiring a business coach can be intimidating for some people. But in reality, it’s just like having another set of eyes on your goals, strategies and marketing efforts. A good coach will help you set realistic expectations and teach you how to reach them.

Here are some ways that a business coach can help:

Help you define what success looks like to you

Get clarity around your vision and purpose so that you can focus on doing what matters most

Teach you how to set goals and work backwards from there

Give feedback on your marketing materials or proposal documents so they don’t look like they were designed by a kindergartener (or worse yet, someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing).

Working With A Business Coach Will Lead To More Efficiency

Business coaches help creative professionals from all industries to increase their efficiency. Here are five ways you can do that:

Get Your Goals in Order

Part of the reason why we procrastinate is because we don't know what we're supposed to be working on. A good business coach will help you set SMART goals, which will give you a sense of direction and purpose. If you're unsure how to create SMART goals, check out our blog post on SMART goals here.

Get Organised

You also need a system to keep track of everything going on in your business. This system can be as simple or complex as you want it to be but it needs to be something that works for you and makes sense for your business model. Many creative professionals find that using a tool like Google Calendar is helpful because it allows them to schedule appointments and meetings easily without having to worry about making sure their clients have the information they need for those meetings (or vice versa).

Working with a Business Coach will lead to more efficiency, more clarity, and more focus.

Working with a Business Coach
Business Coach and Speaker, Robin Waite

A business coach is someone who helps you achieve your goals. They help you clarify your vision and define the steps needed to achieve it. A business coach can help you get unstuck, figure out what’s holding you back from doing what you want to do, and find ways to move forward.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a business coach:


Clarity can come in many forms: clarity around a problem or challenge; clarity around an opportunity or new direction; or even just clarity around who you are as a professional and how that fits into the larger picture of your career path. You don’t have to know everything right away — or ever! — but having someone hold space for your exploration can be incredibly helpful.


A lot of us feel like we’re moving at 100 miles per hour all day long, but there’s always this feeling that there isn’t enough time in the day or enough hours left in our week to get everything done that we need to do on top of doing our actual work!

A Business Coach Can Help You Create A Long Term Business Plan

Business coaches are an invaluable resource for creative professionals who want to take their business to the next level. A business coach can provide you with the tools and strategies needed to develop a long term plan that will help your business grow and thrive.

One of the first things a business coach will do is help you create a six month plan. This plan will outline your goals, objectives and action steps for the next six months. Once you have created this plan, it should be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that everything is on track. If there are any areas that need adjusting, then they can be adjusted accordingly.

As part of your six month plan, you may want to include some longer term goals as well. These long term goals may include things like hiring new employees or expanding into new markets. When setting these longer term goals, make sure they are realistic and attainable so that they don't cause undue stress on yourself or your staff members.

Your business coach will help you think about what your goals are for the next year, three years, five years and beyond. They can then work with you to plan how to achieve those goals.

A Business Coach Can Help You Create a Marketing Plan

If you're not marketing your business as effectively as you could be, then it may be time to hire an expert who can get the word out about your products or services. A good marketing plan needs to be flexible enough to allow for changes in the market, but also has enough structure to ensure that no opportunities are missed.

A Business Coach Can Help You Manage Your Time Better

Busy people often find they don't have enough time in the day to complete everything they need to do. If this sounds like you, then getting help from a trained professional could make all the difference. A good business coach will help you manage your time better so that you're more effective at managing all aspects of your life - not just your business activities!

The first step to building a strong business is to create a long term business plan. A business coach can help you do this, and it's important to find someone who has experience with your particular industry.

Here are some of the things your coach might help you with:

  1. Identify your strengths and weaknesses as a business owner.
  2. Create a marketing strategy that works for your specific niche in the creative industry.
  3. Help you set up your website so it converts well and brings in traffic.
  4. Create actionable goals for yourself so that you're constantly moving forward on the right track.

A Business Coach Will Help You Figure Out What Is Holding Your Business Back

They help you identify the problem, and then come up with a solution.

A business coach will help you create a plan of action to take your business to the next level. They will guide you through the process of creating a strategy that will help you achieve long-term success.

Business coaches are not only there to offer advice when you need it, but they can also serve as an accountability partner who pushes you to reach your goals.

A business coach will help you become more confident in your ability to run a successful company or start-up because they've been there, done that before and know what works and what doesn't work. And they'll teach you how to do it too!

Most creative professionals are highly skilled at their craft. But that doesn't mean they're good at running a business.

If you're an artist, writer, musician or other creative professional and have been operating your business on your own, a business coach can help you figure out what is holding your business back.

What Should You Look For In A Business Coach?

A good business coach will be able to identify issues with your business and provide solutions to fix them. They should also be able to help you define goals for your business and help you achieve them in a reasonable amount of time (especially if it's a long-term goal).

When hiring a business coach, look for someone who has experience working with small businesses like yours — they will have a better understanding of what challenges you face and how to overcome them.

How To Choose A Business Coach

When you're ready for the next step in your business, it's time to reach out to a coach. But how do you choose one? Here are three questions to ask yourself when evaluating potential coaches:

Do they have experience with my industry?

If you're looking for a business coach for creative professionals like photographers, videographers and copywriters, be sure to ask about their experience with your industry. It's also important that they understand your unique challenges as a creative professional. For example, if you're a photographer, do they know how to help you build an email list and run an effective Facebook ad campaign?

How to Choose a Business Coach
Robin Waite, Founder of Fearless Business

Are they certified?

If your coach isn't certified in coaching or mentoring, it could mean that they've never had formal training on how to work with clients or that they aren't committed enough to put in the hours required to stay up-to-date on best practices.

Famous Creatives Who Had Business Coaching

Here are a few famous creatives who had business coaches:

Steve Jobs

Jobs didn't go to college, so it's no surprise that he hired someone to help him out with his business ideas. He worked with a business coach for over 15 years and met with him several times per week. The relationship ended in 2000 when Jobs returned to Apple and the two had a falling out. But Jobs later said that the business coach had been instrumental in helping him develop Apple's brand.

JK Rowling

Rowling was a struggling single mom when she wrote her first Harry Potter book, but she knew how important it was to have a strong brand identity. So she hired an image consultant who helped her develop her signature look — from the blonde wig she wore early on to the glasses she wears today — as well as her writing style. She also worked with a marketing consultant who helped her write proposals for publishers and taught her how to pitch herself effectively at conferences and speaking engagements.

George Lois

George Lois is one of the most iconic advertising creatives of all time. He worked with Andy Warhol on his iconic Campbell's Soup cans campaign, helped create the "I Want My MTV" slogan and produced the cover art for John Lennon's Double Fantasy album (which went on to win a Grammy). But he credits business coach Alan Weiss with helping him grow his agency into a $50 million company that was acquired by DDB Chicago in 2001 for $75 million dollars.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld is well known for his stand-up comedy routines, but did you know he also has a successful career as an actor? In addition to playing himself in several movies and TV shows, Seinfeld has appeared in dozens of commercials over the years — including ads for American Express, Snickers and Buick — many of which were created by ad agency BBDO New York using Seinfeld's input during client meetings with creative directors

Common Business Coaching Questions

Business owners who are considering hiring a coach often have a lot of questions.

While we’ve already covered many of these questions, here are a few more frequently asked questions regarding their services:

How Does A Business Coaching Program Work?

The first step in the coaching program is understanding where you are now, and where you want to be. I will work with you to ask questions about your business, your goals, and what's holding you back from achieving those goals. Then we'll determine which coaching calls will be most useful for you based on your answers.

I'll do an initial coaching call with each client to help us decide if working together is a good fit. If it is, then we'll schedule regular calls on a monthly basis. Each call will last 90-120 minutes and cost £1,000 per session (paid at the beginning of each session). My goal is to help you create the life and business that you want!

There are two main ways we deliver our coaching:

In-person, where you meet with your coach in person or via video conference, with your coach calling you on Zoom. (This is also known as "virtual coaching.")

Small business coaching is a great way for creative professionals to improve their business skills. It's also an excellent way for small business owners to get help with their personal goals and challenges.

The most important part of business coaching is that it's customised to meet your unique needs and goals. You'll work with a professional coach who will listen to what's important to you and help you set specific goals based on those priorities.

A business coach will challenge you, hold you accountable, encourage you and motivate you as needed, so that together you can achieve your objectives.

Business Coaching Benefits

Helps You Grow Your Business: A successful business plan helps identify opportunities and address challenges before they become major problems. The right business coach can help you develop the right plan for your company's current situation and future goals, ensuring that your business continues to grow.

Get Results Quickly: Without the right tools, time management skills and knowledge of best practices, even the most talented people can struggle with achieving success quickly in any industry.

How To Get Started With A Business Coach?

If you're a creative professional, you likely have a great deal of passion for your work. But that doesn't mean you're immune to the many challenges that come with running a business. In fact, creative entrepreneurs often face unique obstacles that can be especially challenging.

If you're feeling stuck in your business or unsure about where to go next, it might be time to bring on a business coach. A business coach offers guidance and support to help you achieve your goals and overcome challenges.

But how do you know if working with a coach is right for you? And what's involved in the process of hiring one? Here's everything you need to know about getting started with a business coach.

You've made your decision to work with a business coach, but now what? How do you get started?

Here are some tips for getting started:

  1. Set an appointment with yourself.
  2. Consider what you want to accomplish and how long it will take.
  3. Think about the type of coach that might be best suited for your situation.

A good coach won't tell you what to do or how to run your business. Rather, they'll give you the tools and ideas that help you make better decisions for yourself. They'll help guide your thinking so that when you make decisions, they're informed ones — not just based on what sounds easiest at the time or what others expect of you.

Personally speaking, I've found that having a business coach has helped me stay focused on my goals and motivated me through difficult times (like when I'm staring down the barrel of an empty bank account). And since most coaches offer free consultations, there's no harm in trying it out!

Can Business Coaches Help Me Grow My Business?

As a creative professional, you are your own boss. You have the freedom to do what you love and earn a living at it. This can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be challenging. You may find yourself stuck in a creative rut, or unable to find your place in an industry that is constantly changing.

If you find yourself struggling with these issues, then perhaps it's time for you to consider working with a business coach. A business coach will help guide you along your path toward success as an artist and entrepreneur by providing guidance, support, and accountability.

A good business coach will help keep you focused on goals by helping you set realistic expectations for what is possible in terms of revenue generation, client acquisition, and personal growth within your business. A business coach will also encourage you to explore new opportunities that might not have occurred to you otherwise — which can yield exciting results!

In addition to helping with goal setting and planning, a business coach can also provide valuable feedback on how well your current strategy is working (or not). This valuable insight can help you make adjustments so that your efforts are more effective moving forward.

What Type Of Business Coach Should I Look For?

There are many different types of business coaches, each with their own specialty and focus. Some specialise in helping small businesses grow their revenue through sales, while others focus on improving management skills or helping entrepreneurs build teams that work together well. You may want a coach who can help with both of these areas, depending on where your company is at right now.

Can Small Businesses Benefit From Business Coaching?

Many small businesses are now turning to business coaches to help them with their marketing and other issues. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from working with a business coach.

Business Coaching Can Help You Come Up With New Ideas

One of the main benefits of working with a business coach is that they can help you come up with new ideas for your business. If you have been stuck in a rut or feel like your company isn't growing as fast as it should, then this is one way of getting things moving again. The best part about working with an expert is that they will be able to give you feedback on how well your ideas are working out. This means that if there are any problems, then they will be able to tell you about them straight away so that you can make changes before it's too late.

Business coaching isn't just for big businesses. As a small business owner, you may be wondering if you can benefit from a business coach. The answer is yes. Small businesses can benefit in many ways from working with a business coach. Here are just a few examples of how:

  • Improve your productivity
  • Increase your income
  • Improve your marketing efforts
  • Increase efficiency in your business
  • Expand and improve your team
  • Find ways to save money
  • Get outside perspective on challenges you face

How Much Should A Business Coach Cost?

There's no such thing as a "one size fits all" approach to coaching. The cost of coaching depends on the coach, their experience and the type of services they provide.

For example, some coaches charge by the hour while others charge a flat fee for an initial consultation or for each session thereafter. Other coaches may charge by the number of clients or by the type of business.

Some business coaches offer a sliding scale that varies according to what you can afford to pay.

If you're considering hiring a business coach, ask about their fees before signing any agreements.

But you’re likely looking at £100/hr for the average coach up to anything north of £5-10k for the highest earning coaches.

The answer to this question is simple: it depends. There's no set rate for coaching, but there are at least three factors that determine what you'll pay.

Type of Service - If you're looking for a coach who specialises in one area, like marketing or sales, your fees will be different than if you hire a generalist. This can also affect the type of results you see. A marketing coach may be able to help you with branding and customer acquisition, but a general business coach might not have the expertise in those areas that could help bring in new clients.

Number of Sessions - The more sessions you purchase up front, the more money you'll spend up front. However, if your budget is tight and you don't know if coaching will work out for you, consider paying for fewer sessions upfront and then purchasing more later if needed.

Location - Where do they live? Where do they operate their business? If they live far away from where you live or operate their business (which could mean travel time), it could add costs to your coaching program as well as reduce the amount of time available for each session together

How Long Should You Have A Business Coach?

The answer to this question depends on your goals, but it is important to remember that business coaching is not a quick fix. It takes time and effort to make changes in your life, especially when those changes are related to your career or business.

A good rule of thumb is that the average person needs between 5-10 hours of coaching to begin making progress. If you have been working with your coach for over 10 hours but do not see any change, then it might be time to look at other options.

If you are ready to get started today, reach out for a free coaching session and see if working together will help you achieve your career or business goals!


If you are feeling stuck, or if your business feels like it isn't going anywhere, or if you need someone to help you keep your eye on the prize of achieving your business goals, then hiring a business coach is worth considering.

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