What Makes a Good Business Coach?

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March 16, 2023

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1. Abundance

A good business coach will share their knowledge and experience abundantly with you. Both the good and the bad. If you ever feel like your business coach is holding something back then there is something wrong. If they are transparent in their language and during your coaching session you are onto a winner with this coach.

2. Seeing the Bigger Picture

It's a personal thing, but the best coaches I've met have worked out that business is really just a bit of a game and have managed to detach themselves from the positive and negative emotions experienced with "doing" business every day. However, they seem to be having a lot of fun doing their job. They are doggedly determined to succeed and set the best example to any good business owner out there.

3. Out of Hours

To many business owners close their doors at 5pm. A good business coach has an open door policy (within reason) and demonstrates a willingness to help, even if it puts themselves out. They recognise that humans need support and aren't so busy all of the time that you can never get a hold of them. If you can see that your problems and concerns are shared with your business coach, then you've found a good one.

4. Accountability

You're not doing this on your own but even the best business coach can't run all of his/her clients' businesses. A good business coach will provide you with enough accountability and support to get things done without putting your toes to the fire each time you meet. They will give you the added responsibility because seeing you succeed makes them happy too!

5. Walked the Walk

Has your business coach stepped out of corporate and into the small business world but never run a business themselves? Or have they build and failed, or built and successfully exited their own small business? If I'm choosing a coach I would want someone who had been through the struggles themselves and come out of the other side relatively unscathed.

Not only will a good business coach have succeeded in their own business but they will also have a number of great reviews, case studies and testimonials to share with you.

Don't ever be afraid to ask to speak with their existing or past clients, and be concerned if they don't share a long list of contacts with you.

6. The Little Black Book

If a coach says they can solve all of your problems, then they are lying. What a good business coach will have though, is a little black book of contacts that they are willing to open up and share with you at the drop of a hat. A good business coach knows their own limitations, and so spends time finding other experts to help fill in the blanks that they can't fill themselves. Even if it means sending you to their competition!

So, if you want a list of the best business coaches in the South West then just ask!

7. They NEVER Stop Learning

It's almost sickening how many books a good business coach will consume every year, how many courses they will pay for and attend and how many coaches they have themselves. Learning for a good business coach is an important as teaching. And they will regularly wrap up their learning into a neat bundle for clients whenever they need help and support.

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