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As one of the UK's leading business coaches, Robin Waite has one simple goal; to make running a small business as simple as possible. We do this through our two signature business accelerators providing accountability and first class business knowledge and experience.

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Imagine this…

Your business is a rocket, your success is the moon and business coaches are the fuel needed to get you to the moon.

Being successful is the dream of every entrepreneur; much like going to the moon. We know neither are easy to achieve. As an entrepreneur you need to have an open mind and good listening skills, so you can assess things and be open to new viewpoints.

If you have these skills, you and your business coach will get along just fine.

Business coaching gives you various viewpoints, identifies things you are overlooking and lead you to take action. A business coach clarifies your thinking and gets you laser focused.

Business coaching is a process where an ‘expert’ helps you streamline your ideas into achievable goals, create plans and strategies, helping you stay motivated and reach the ‘moon’.

As The Entrepreneur, It’s All About You!

Your Business Coach can only do so much.

You have to pilot this rocket!

To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have three traits;

  1. Clarity – you need to be very clear on your vision, mission, intentions, goals, purpose and the idea of what success means to you.
  2. Energy – your positive attitude and commitment towards your priorities, business relationships and your life in general. You must be aware of your personal energy levels and desire to achieve success.
  3. Motivation – you need it to stay focused and learn how to identify and remove all hurdles that lie between you and success.

Business Coaching helps you develop Clarity, Energy and Motivation. Think of your business coach as a partner who is there to support you.

Your relationship with your Coach depends on how open you are to change. Change WILL NOT happen if you’re not open to change or being challenged.

Your Business

Business coaching gives clarity about your business, defining the purpose of your business and why as an entrepreneur you lead this particular business.

Once you crack that you will already be 80% of the way to achieving success!

Business coaching helps you, the entrepreneur, to clarify what the problems are.And lots of problems DO crop up in business. Once your coach has helped to identify problems you can create unique solutions to solve the problems. You will see the benefits the solution provides and the intentions you have from the solution.

The next step…

Is now to help in identifying your ideal clients and target market, which you aim to work within. Then you plan how you will reach your potential clients, setting up financial strategies and marketing strategies in order to reach them.

By letting a business coach help you, you now have someone else accountable for the success of your business and helping you keep it on track.

If you can find a business coach who is happy to have some "skin in the game" even better. And by skin in the game, they will ask for payment based on results, or offer a money back guarantee should you not achieve the agreed result.

Down To The Bottom Line

For any entrepreneur who is committed to creating a successful, thriving business, a business coach is your fuel AND your co-pilot helping you navigate.

Your business coach helps you become clear on where you currently are. Your Coach helps you get where you want to be and show you how to get there. Every entrepreneur should invest in a Business Coach; so, you’re not alone out there in the big bad (but exciting) world of business!

Remember Neil Armstrong couldn’t have made it without the help.

Business Coaching For Entrepreneurs: Frequently Asked Questions

‍Are you an entrepreneur looking for business coaching to help you grow your business? If so, you're in the right place! In this guide, we'll talk about what entrepreneurs need from their coaches and how they can find the best one for them.

What Does A Business Coach Do?

A business coach helps you to grow your business by way of a variety of different methods. A business coach can help you achieve success and develop new skills, build a team, increase revenue, improve productivity and more.

As An Entrepreneur, What Would Motivate Me To Get A Coach?

As an entrepreneur, there are many reasons why you may want to get a coach.

  • You want to improve your business, but don't know how.
  • You need some help with a specific problem that's holding you back.
  • A project is coming up and it's so big that it feels too overwhelming for one person (or team) to do alone.
  • You would like someone who has been there before to be able to give their opinion on the best way forward or provide some advice on how other people have overcome similar problems in the past.

Why Would Anyone Pay For Business Coaching Services?

You may be thinking, “Why would anyone pay for business coaching services?” After all, there are plenty of free resources available online that can help you with your business. In addition to the many useful articles and websites available online, there are also plenty of books on Amazon that can help you manage your new company.

The answer is simple: it's not a waste of money to hire a good coach or consultant. If you do it right, hiring a coach will save you time and energy while also helping you avoid common mistakes that can hinder your success as an entrepreneur. A good coach will get involved in every aspect of your business so they know exactly what's going on from day-to-day and week-to-week—and how best to work with each team member for maximum productivity results!

They'll be able to see things from multiple points of view (including yours!) which means they'll identify potential issues before they become problems later down the road."

How Is Business Coaching Different From Consulting?

The difference between consulting and coaching is this:

Consultants are experts in their field. If you need help with marketing, there's a consultant for that. If you want to create a new product, there's a consultant for that too. They can give you advice based on their vast knowledge of the subject matter at hand and help you achieve your goals by giving recommendations or pointing out potential problems along the way.

Business coaches specialise in people and how they work—not just processes or products—so they're able to identify common stumbling blocks entrepreneurs face when running their businesses, whether it's understanding what motivates them internally (their values) or externally (the marketplace). Business Coaching For Entrepreneurs focuses on helping entrepreneurs develop plans to overcome these challenges so that they can continue growing their companies successfully.

What's In It For The Business Coach If They're Not Consultants?

You may be wondering what a business coach is going to get out of helping you. If they're not selling products or services, and they don't have an interest in your success, what do they stand to gain?

Business coaches don't sell products or services. They don't have vested interests in your success and any sales that come with it. They are not interested in making money off of you (because they aren’t consultants). And while some do charge fees for their time and expertise, many operate on a donation basis or have other ways of ensuring that their clients can afford their services without sacrificing the quality.

In short: This person isn't doing all this work because it aligns with some profit-making strategy; she does it because she wants to help people succeed at running their businesses!

Business Coaches Are Mentors, Sounding Boards, And Construction Workers

A business coach is a professional who helps you grow your business. They are mentors, sounding boards and construction workers that have all the right tools to help you achieve your goals and make the right decisions.

A business coach is not a consultant. Their role is not to give advice on what they would do in your situation — it’s to help guide you toward making your own decisions based on what’s right for your company.

Do Entrepreneurs Need A Business Coach?

You might be wondering: do entrepreneurs need a business coach? The answer is yes. Business coaches help entrepreneurs to focus on their business goals and develop strategies to achieve them. They can also structure your business, develop your business plan, manage your time and improve your skills in order for you to reach these goals.

Business coaching is not only beneficial but essential if you want your entrepreneurial journey to succeed.

What Is Entrepreneur Coaching?

Coaching is an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur coaches help you to achieve your goals, stay motivated and focused, set and achieve goals, build a business plan and develop a marketing strategy.

What Are The 5 Responsibilities Of A Business Coach?

A business coach can help you in a variety of ways.

  • They can help you define your business goals, so that your company has a clear sense of direction and purpose for what it does.
  • They can also help you set up a business plan, which will help keep everyone on the same page as far as where they are going with their products or services.
  • A successful business coach will advise you on how to improve both your business and its products or services in order to make them more innovative, appealing and successful than ever before. And finally...
  • A good coach will offer advice on how to develop an effective marketing strategy so that people know about what it is that you're offering them!

What Does Working With An Entrepreneur Coach Look Like?

An entrepreneur coach will ask you questions, give you feedback and help you set goals and create a plan to achieve them. They’ll also help keep you motivated, provide a sounding board for your ideas and be there with support when things get difficult or overwhelming.

Here are some examples of what coaching sessions might look like:

  • The coach may ask questions like: “What do you want?” or “How did that make you feel?” This helps them get an understanding of where the person is at in their life so they can adjust accordingly.
  • The coach may give feedback like: “That sounds great! What are some ways we could make it even better?” This is helpful because it gives the person insight into how other people perceive their idea as well as gives them new ideas on how they could make it better themselves.
  • The coach will help set goals for each session (and beyond) so that both parties know what each one expects out of this partnership beforehand so there aren't any surprises later down the road when things don't go according to plan (which happens more often than not). A big part of coaching sessions is working out new ways to achieve those goals together instead of just giving someone advice or telling them what needs done without their input (which rarely works).

How Much Do Entrepreneur Coaches Charge In The UK?

  • The cost of working with an entrepreneur coach can vary depending on a number of factors. You should expect to pay more for services such as executive coaching and personal development than for basic business coaching, which is focused on helping you get your company off the ground and thriving.
  • The type of coaching you're looking for will also affect how much you'll be paying. For example, if your business is struggling because it's underperforming in one area or another, then a general business coach may not be enough; but if it's just a matter of channelling your passions into something productive, then there might not be any need for a specialist who takes time out of their day to sit down with you over coffee every week.
  • How long you work with an entrepreneur coach can also impact their hourly rate: if they only meet with clients one time per year (for example), then they probably won't charge as much as someone who works with several clients throughout each month/quarter/year cycle—because they're able to spread out their costs between multiple sessions rather than having just one intensive session at once! This saves both parties money when compared against having lots

Why Do Entrepreneurs Need Business Coaches?

As an entrepreneur, you're probably too close to your business. You see the world from the inside out and are so wrapped up in it that you don't always see how others view it. You may know how important communication is for your company and how critical it is for people to understand their roles, but do they?

You need someone who can help you look at your business from a different perspective. A good business coach will evaluate every aspect of your organisation—from its mission statement to its leadership structure—and make recommendations that will improve its success by creating a more effective workplace environment.

How Do I Find An Entrepreneur Coach?

How do I find an entrepreneur mentor?

To find a good mentor, you must first identify what type of help you need. Do you need someone who can teach you how to start a business or run your existing one more effectively? You might consider finding someone that has experience in the industry or field in which you operate. Once this is determined, it’s time to look for candidates.

There are many ways of finding potential mentors: networking events; social media groups; professional organisations like SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management); community colleges and universities; alumni networks at larger companies; referrals from existing colleagues and friends; etc. You should also think about whether there are any local businesses within your area that could benefit from partnering with yours (e.g., restaurants near office buildings). This will increase the likelihood that these businesses already have relationships with each other and/or have similar goals as yours – making it easier for them to bond over commonalities instead of having differences stand out too much at first glance!

Once a few prospects have been identified, be sure not only to make contact but keep following up until something happens! Your persistence will pay off eventually when the person finally agrees after seeing how eagerness isn't just part of your nature but also shows genuine interest."


If you're an entrepreneur, consider reaching out to a business coach. They can help you navigate the ups and downs of running your own company and keep you on track when things get tough. You might even find it's one of the best investments you've ever made!

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