Are Business Coaches Worth it?

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March 16, 2023

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By using a Business Coach, you can increase your profits by an average of 46% (according to Street Directory).

The numbers look pretty great, don’t they?

The International Coaching Federation surveyed 210 coaching clients about how valuable they found coaching.

70% believed ‘Business Coaching’ is “VERY valuable.”

What Will a Business Coach Do For You?

A Business Coach is like a Personal Trainer. A business coach helps you find your core strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint your knowledge gaps and fears.

The business environment continually changes and evolve. In order to stay competitive, you need the insight and outside perspective of a Business Coach.

As an Entrepreneur, it’s hard to “see the wood for the trees.” You are deeply involved in the daily chore of running your business. This is necessary to ensure that your business holds itself together.


  1. You WILL lose sight of the bigger picture!
  2. You WILL get distracted.
  3. And you WON'T see new possibilities.

If you are always busy 'doing' this will lead to burnout; You will never succeed this way! This is the when you need a Business Coach the most.

A Business Coach will help you to;

  • Work on, rather than in, your business – you sometimes feel a slave to your own work; a business coach helps you to become the entrepreneur you want to be rather than the employee you feel.
  • Build your confidence and change perspective – you will look towards the future rather than looking at the past and realising that your business has value.
  • Business Development
  • Value - creating remarkable value over the long-term,
  • Customers - the people who pay for your products/services,
  • Markets - this is where your target customers ‘hang out’,
  • Relationships - building, managing, trust, respect, and a mutual appreciation of each other's value.

The average Coaching relationship will last about 9 months (the same time it takes to grow a baby). Treat your business like a baby. Nurture it and care for it with the help of your Business Coach.

How Much Will a Business Coach Cost You?

Prices for Coaches vary depending on skill set and type of coaching offered. The price can range from £50 per session to upwards of £1,000s per session. The change in mindset is seeing business coaching as an investment in oneself.

It's All About Quality!

People can pay thousands for an ‘expert’ and get no real value in return. Business Coaches must have a track record, personal experience, and be on their own development journey. It’s not just about getting you from A to B.

Imagine this...

If your coach is living in their mother's basement, doing coaching on the side while they work part-time at your local chip shop. Would you hesitate to pay for their services?

I would hesitate.

Versus this...

If you saw a coach walking around in a nice ‘Saltrock’ t-shirt, wearing a Tag Heuer and successfully coaching full time.

You’d want that coach, right?

The guys at Planned Ascent talk about coaching as a way to equip you for your business growth journey and accompany you for as much of that journey as you wish. Once equipped, there is no reliance on your coach any more, but your coach will still be happy to provide support as and when needed (not just when they are paying you).

Why Do You Need a Business Coach?

You need a Business Coach for ‘Accountability’.

As an Entrepreneur, there isn’t anyone but you, or maybe a small team, accountable for the growth of your company. Nobody is asking the important questions.

  • Did you accomplish what you set out to?
  • Are you going in the right direction?
  • Are you happy?

Having someone who IS asking these questions will motivate you into moving forward.

In every sport, the competitors at the very top of the game got there, at least in large part, because they have a great coach.

In an interview, Darya Klishina, one of the top long jumpers in the world, was asked what the key to her success was.

Her answer?

“I trust and believe in my coach.”

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