Business Mindset Tips for Coaches, Cnsultants and Freelancers

As a coach, consultant or freelancer, you have to be able to think on your feet and adapt quickly in order to deal with different situations. You also need to be able to see opportunities that others miss.

It's easy to be hard on yourself, especially if you're working from home and you don't have coworkers to distract you. It can feel like an ocean of time stretches in front of you, and if you don't keep moving forward with your work, it's easy to get lost in the minutiae of everyday life. Give yourself permission to stop for lunch or take a walk around the block. You'll come back with more energy, and your work will get done faster because you'll be focused on getting it done instead of stressing about all that needs to be done.

The biggest problem I see when coaching clients is that they set their goals too high and then beat themselves up when they can't accomplish them all at once (or even at all). If you want to start working on something new, set a goal for how much time each week you want to spend on it, or what percentage of time each week will be spent studying versus practicing — whatever feels right for your situation. Then celebrate every little win along the way, rather than waiting until everything is perfect before celebrating anything at all!

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