Fix Your Why - How to Move from Excuses to Positive Results

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September 19, 2023

Do you like playing games? If yes, what do you love about games? Some people love the fact that you have several chances in games. For example, you do have one life but multiple lives in a game. In essence, if you do not make the most of one, you can make the most of others.

Unfortunately, real life is not a game. It happens only once and if you fail to make the most of it, then you have no other chance to do so. The subject of what happens after life itself is up for debate and we do not intend to bring up that discussion. However, you can read this article to hear various views about this subject.

In the spirit of making the most of life itself, you need to move from excuses to positive results. Otherwise, you would end up realising how you never truly lived. This article stresses the need to avoid this by sharing tips on how to move from excuses to results.

Key Takeaways on Moving from Excuses to Results

  1. Life is Not a Game: Unlike in games where you have multiple chances, real life offers only one opportunity. Avoid excuses and make the most of it.
  2. Recognise Your Potential and Excuses: Every person has the potential to improve, but excuses can hinder progress. Understanding your "why" behind these excuses is essential.
  3. Take Responsibility: Your fate is largely in your hands. Moving from excuses to results is your responsibility, and self-improvement is the key.
  4. Set Goals: A purposeful life requires intentional goal setting in various aspects like finance, career, health, and more. Goals provide a clear vision of your best self.
  5. Identify Your "Why": Understand the underlying reasons (excuses) holding you back from being better. These could be personal or external factors.
  6. Fix Your "Why": Don't let past experiences or excuses define your present. Move past your "why" to overcome limitations and embrace positive change.
  7. Track Progress: Like a road trip, goals help you measure progress. Adjust your path as needed and persevere through challenges.
  8. Seek Expertise: Just as you consult professionals for health or legal issues, consider working with a life or success coach for goal achievement and accountability.
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A Life of Endless Excuses or Breaking the Barriers – Make Your Choice

Stop Making Excuses and Achieve Results

As of the year 2021, the world had a population of approximately 7.8 billion individuals. As of this year (2023), we have conveniently crossed the eight billion mark and it seems to be increasing.

Every individual on earth’s surface has uniqueness. In the same vein, we have similarities regardless of location, ethnicity, personal views, and other distinctions. Potentials and excuses are two of the major similarities that we all share.

Every individual has the potential to become better. Ironically, every individual also has excuses - WHY this may not happen.

The responsibility of moving from excuses to positive results is largely the responsibility of the individual. In other words, a person’s fate is largely that person’s making.

In essence, everyone is capable of moving from excuses to positive results. Knowledge of and willingness to implement self-improvement tips is key to changing the narrative. Are you ready to make the much-needed switch? Then pay more attention to the subsequent parts of this article.

Tips on How to Make the Most of Your Life

A good life does not happen by accident. It is a function of planning and making the right moves. Against this backdrop, here are some tips on how to make the most of your life:

Set Goals

Do not just live life as it comes. Be intentional about every aspect of your life and this calls for goal setting. There should be goals for all aspects of your life – finance, career, spiritual, health, social, and more.

To be the best that you can be, you need a picture of the best you can be. That is the essence of goal setting.

Identify Your Why

You can be better than you currently are, but there are reasons WHY you are not better than you currently are. These reasons are what are termed “why” (excuses) in this context.

Some people are not fully aware of their “why”. As a result, they do not even know that they have to move past it. The “why” could be background problems, financial constraints, heartbreaks as a result of betrayals, your physical appearance, and several other reasons.

Fix Your Why

There are people who have identified their why but still have not made any/enough headway. One of the common reasons is that they are too fixated on their why. For example, a previous toxic relationship can affect a person’s chances of finding true love again.

The problem is not the next person but the hurt of the past affecting present reality. As a result, you do not only have to identify but move past your why. You cannot change your why, but you can make sure it does not change you.

Progress Tracking

There are several reasons why goal setting is important. One of them is because it helps you figure out how much progress you are making.

It is like taking a road trip and keeping track of how far you have gone and how close you are to your intended destination. Goals are like your destination, allowing you to keep track of your progress. Progress tracking also helps you make changes if the need arises.

Push Through

Set goals can be accomplished. However, no one says that this will be a stroll in the park. You will be faced with challenges in your bid to achieve your set goals. This is why the determination to keep at it against all odds is important.

Accountability & Expertise

When health issues arise, people consult medical professionals. When legal issues arise, people consult an attorney. The point is that people see specific professionals when they have specific needs. Unfortunately, very few people see life coaches for goal accomplishment purposes.

This shows how much importance people place on this subject. You should consult a life/success coach at various points. For starters, the expertise of such a professional will significantly help you navigate your path to a better life.

Secondly, it is great for accountability purposes. You can check for more information on the need for this. By the way, the professional in question must be a reputable one.


Several tips for moving from excuses to positive results have been shared here. This list is certainly not exhaustive. However, they are very essential and practical tips. As a result, taking them seriously will bring massive improvement. So, make the most of them going forward.

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