Building a Product Architecture Model for Your Business

When it comes to product management, there's no shortage of advice on how to manage your products and features. But what about the architecture behind your product? Product architecture is an often-overlooked but vitally important piece of the product management puzzle.

What is product architecture?

Product architecture is the structure of a product's components, features, and functionality. It encompasses both the user experience and technical aspects of a product. It can include information on how data flows through your application, how various systems interact with one another, and what happens when a user interacts with a feature in your product.

Product managers often overlook the importance of building an effective product architecture model for their products. But if you're working on a complex project or trying to manage multiple teams within your organization, then you need to consider how these aspects fit together as part of your overall strategy for managing your products — otherwise, you're just going to be wasting time and resources trying to figure out where everything goes!

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