4 Ways To Perform Product Analysis For Your Business

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March 28, 2024

Product development and product management specialists would be unable to do their job perfectly if they do not know how to perform product analysis. Even if you want to strengthen your product or launch a new one, you must constantly research the market and your direct competitors so by implementing software for product management you can facilitate data-driven decision-making and stay ahead of the competition..

Below are four ways that you can perform product analysis for your business. Let's begin.

Key Takeaways on Performing Product Analysis for Business:

  1. Understand your Competitors: To perform successful product analysis, you must first identify your direct competitors - those who sell similar products and target the same market.
  2. Competitor Research: After listing your direct competitors, start professional market research on them. Gather crucial information such as the price of their goods and services, their customers' preferences, and any negative reviews they might have.
  3. Undertake Competitive Strategy: Use the information gathered from your research to devise a competitive strategy. Your strategy should highlight what sets your business apart and how you can position your business as the superior choice for consumers.
  4. Analyse Product Information: Study your competitors' services and products thoroughly. You can read their websites, sales brochures, and public reports to gain insights into their pricing, performance, and overall business goals.
  5. Continuous Analysis: Competitor and product analysis should be an ongoing process rather than a one-time event. By continually tracking competitor activities and strategies, you can make data-driven decisions that ensure your business stays competitive and profitable.

The right product analysis tools, like femap, can facilitate these processes and help you effectively navigate market competition.

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Understand your competitors

Your first step in performing product analysis for your business is to know who your direct competitors are in the market. Direct competitors sell similar products while sharing the same target market. Therefore, you should be a step ahead of your competitors in the market by having fast and intelligent solutions.

Start competitor research

After having a list of your direct competitors, your next step is to start your competitor research. The best method is to start professional market research on your competitors. This would help you know those who have similar businesses in your industry and allow you to market your business as the optimal choice for consumers.

To leverage advanced insights and stay ahead in the market, incorporating predictive product analysis into your strategy can provide a competitive edge. You can do this by gathering information about your competing companies. The price of their goods and services. Why do consumers like buying from them? And some of the negative reviews about their company. It would be best if you answered these questions while conducting your research.

Undertake competitive strategy

Finally, you should use the gathered information from your research to create a competitive strategy. Your strategy should consist of what can set your business apart from your competitors and what you can do to make your business better as the best consumer option.

Your research should also detail how your business competitors market their services and products. With this information, you would be able to improve your business and make better sales goals. An excellent competitive product analysis tool like femap can help you perform a competitive strategy.

Analyse your product information

Next, get a better look at your competitors' services and products. Read their websites and sales brochures and, if available, read their annual public report.

These sources would give you details that can be helpful to your cause. For example, they would show you how these businesses price their products and services while explaining their performance. Again, this shows you how you stand against your competition.

Additionally, these details would also give you insights into the overall goals of your competitors and show how these companies increase their market shares, establish themselves as a leader in the market, and how they maximise long and short-term profits.

Final Words

When you understand what your competitors do with their products, you would be more positioned to react to their actions. Moreover, this new strategy you are taking would allow you to make successful data-driven decisions adequately.

For example, your competitors could implement new products, lower pricing, implement attractive discounts, and undertake other activities that would lead to their market growth. Therefore, you should not do competitive product analysis once in a while. Instead, it should be a continuous one.

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