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Take Your Shot Book Cover

Take your shot

How to Grow Your Business, Attract More Clients, and Make More Money. TAKE YOUR SHOT will teach you:

  • To change your perceptions of your own business so that you get out of your own way.
  • To set a brave goal, develop a strong desire to overcome obstacles, and the activities required to achieve your goal.
  • How to build desirable products, price those products confidently and demonstrate value to prospects.
  • How to get the business and life you’ve always dreamed of, increased prosperity, and to have fun!
Online Business Startup Book Cover

Online Business Startup

The Entrepreneur's Guide to Launching a Fast, Lean and Profitable Online Venture.

  • Everything you need to start an online business without the wasted time, money and effort.
  • How to find a trustworthy, reliable digital agency and guarantee a return on your investment.
  • The 7 best tools for auditing and improving your website.
  • How to plan and implement a successful social media strategy.More info


Robin Waite is a business coach and founder of a successful online strategy agency in the UK. He has helped over 250 businesses create change and growth within their organisation since 2004.

Robin has personally delivered discovery sessions in business, online and social media strategy to over 1,000 business owners.

He now specialises in creating growth and scalability for established SMEs through a tailored programme of coaching, workshops and practical implementation.

Can you imagine the power of knowing exactly what your business looks like in 3 years? And being able to 'feel' what that business looks like in 3 years?


I’ll help you find the missed opportunities – and lost profits – in your business, by:

  • recognising which of the three common pricing mistakes you’re making
  • identifying the limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back
  • developing your products into assets that attract new high-value clients to your business
  • exploring ways to create consistent, sustainable, recurring revenue

The easiest way to make changes in your business is to change your perspective. My business coaching sessions help you do just that – with real, tangible results. Find out what my coaching sessions cover or book a free one-hour consultation to find out more.


Robin Waite - Business Coach