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Typically, business coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and business owners who decide to use their talents to build and grow a business to help other business owners reach their goals. Most information for starting up your own business can be found online; however, with the vast and contrasting amount of information on the internet, it can be hard to seek advice suited to your businesses niche. This is why it’s a great idea to invest in a business coach as they can provide clients with specific information and observations related to their business.

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Once You Have Invested In A Business Coach, The Process Will Be As Follows:

  1. Your Business Coach will discover your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. They will then work with you to resolve any issues and help outline your goals.
  3. They will then help you work towards those goals and provide you with more productive methods and techniques for dealing with any problems that may arise in future

Businesses often struggle when it comes to productivity or profits since each company desires never-ending revenues. A Business Coach helps the management of a company to meet its requirements. It works and facilitates the business and introduces the processes, tools, and concepts necessary for growth. The main goal of the Business Coach is to shift the views of the teams that will enable them to work in favour of the business and ultimately achieving the goals set out by the Business Coach and the business.

When working with his clients, Robin ensures there’s a sense of accountability between both coach and client. Through his coaching business, Fearless Business, Robin manages to treble businesses income with a turnaround of three to six months. He is so confident in his abilities that he even offers a money-back guarantee. If a client is unhappy with his services, they can claim their money back.

A business coach is a worthwhile investment as they offer you a non-biased, objective perspective. They are one of the very few figures in life that can communicate hard truths comfortably to help fix your business. Robin emphasises that business coaches aren’t therapists; they will hold you highly accountable as it’s the only way clients will ever see any improvement within their business. Ultimately, the value that clients gain through investing in a business coach is entirely down to them. It takes two to tango. At the end of the day, business coaching is costly, don’t invest in one if you are going to be passive.

What Is The Difference Between A Lifestyle Coach And A Business Coach?

The coaching industry is heavily oversaturated with many niches. As a result, a lot of people are confused about what a Lifestyle Coach is? And What a Business Coach is? So what are the main differences between the two? Ultimately, the main differences are:

  • A lifestyle coach is a coach that focuses on the more personal aspects of your life/career/relationships and typically takes a more holistic approach to dealing with problems. They are the perfect people to go to if you are looking to improve within your personal life.
  • A business coach is someone whose primary objective is to provide their client’s advice and mentorship throughout their entrepreneurial journey. In addition, a business coach can mentor individuals or departments, and teams within a company.

Robin’s speciality is business coaching. However, like many other coaching companies, he merges some practices of lifestyle coaching. Through hiring his mindset coach, Kate Hunter, clients that work with Robin also get access to ‘Mindset Tuesdays’, which helps them deal with personal stresses that could be impacting their business performance.

What Are The Different Types Of Business Coaching?

Although it’s probably straightforward to find all sorts of coaches for every businesses niche, these are the main types of business coaches you’d typically find in an entrepreneurial environment:

  • Lifestyle Coach - Coaches who focus on the more personal aspects of your business, e.g. exploring what could be going on in your personal life that affects performance, such as finding the perfect work-life balance.
  • Mindset Coach - Coaches that help you become more confident and help clear any mental blocks regarding your business. Regardless of their speciality, many coaches incorporate mindset practices into their sessions as it promotes business productivity. For example, within his coaching group, Robin has a weekly mindset call every week so others going through the journey can seek advice for their stresses and frustrations and not feel so alone.
  • Executive Coach - Coaches that work in a more corporate environment. They tend to help company CEO’s or execs develop their communication and management skills.
  • Sales Coaching - Coaches that work with clients to help them negotiate, price and close deals better. This is Robin’s speciality. Helping clients to confidently charge more through knowing their worth.

Typically, with most business coaching companies, clients will notice a merge between most of the types. It’s pretty uncommon for business coaches to be offering solely one service these days as people are looking to get their value for money. This is why researching and comparing business coaches is integral. Robin recommends all wannabe coachees must be thorough when looking for their ideal business coach. Look long and hard at online reviews, network and talk to other business owners about who you should invest in and most importantly, look at their results and how they can help benefit you and your business.

Alongside the different types of business coaches, there are also different styles and approaches. Ultimately, everyone learns differently, and knowing what mentorship you need will be highly influential in your whole coaching experience. See the examples below:

Authoritarian Coaching

Where the coach makes all the decisions, and the client simply follows suit. It’s great for producing quick results but not so great if you are prone to feeling micromanaged.

Holistic Coaching

Commonly associated with life coaching, coaches that use this style tend to take a more personal and spiritual approach. They encourage their clients to find their balance through a range of holistic techniques that can be utilised in moments of high stress. This is a particularly great approach if clients are seeking solutions for stress management and behaviour.

Vision Coaching

The coach and the client speak openly and honestly about what they want to achieve, set goals and work towards achieving them. Coaches with this style often set daily objectives and rely upon constructive criticism and feedback.

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