Time Management Tips for Coaches and Freelancers

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. The question is, how are you using them?

I learned this lesson the hard way. In 2016, I was running my agency. I had been with doing it for 12 years, and I loved my job — but it was time to move on. So I left.

I quickly found that my new life as a freelancer wasn't as easy as I'd expected. While some days were filled with work, other days were empty. And even though I had more free time than ever before, it felt like there was never enough time to get everything done.

After months of struggling through this transition period, I finally realised why it was so difficult: I hadn't yet formed good habits around time management. With discipline and focus, I began to develop new routines that allowed me to manage my time more effectively and make better use of my free time

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