Business Management 101: Assigning Your Time Just Right

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April 20, 2024

Assigning your time correctly is a skill. It’s not something you’re going to immediately know how to do, and let’s face it, you’re going to make some clunky mistakes along the way! However, as a business manager, you need to have a fine grip over your schedule. After all, time management is all about efficiency, and in business, that’s the word we all look out for. If you want your workplace to be as well oiled as possible, these are the tips to put to use. 

Key Takeaways on Time Management for Business

  1. Build a Trustworthy Team: Ensure your staff is reliable and capable of handling responsibilities independently. If delegation feels impossible, reassess your team composition and leadership approach.
  2. Optimise Workspace Layout: Design a clear floor layout to enhance workflow and minimise disruptions. Utilise signage or markings to establish efficient traffic flow and prevent collisions.
  3. Outsource Fulfilment Tasks: Consider working with a fulfilment service to streamline order processing and free up time for focusing on customer interactions and business growth.
  4. Daily Goal Setting: Set clear, achievable goals for each workday to maintain focus and track progress. Ticking off objectives fosters a sense of accomplishment and ensures productive time management.
  5. Prioritise Time Management: Recognise the importance of effective time management in business management. Mastering this skill is essential for optimising productivity and achieving success.
  6. Continuous Improvement: Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities and continuously refine your time management strategies to adapt to evolving business needs and challenges.
  7. Delegate Responsibilities: Trust your team to handle tasks effectively and delegate responsibilities accordingly. Micromanaging inhibits productivity and limits growth potential.
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Hire Staff You Can Rely on

If you don’t have a team that feels trustworthy and dependable, you’ve built it incorrectly. Either the people themselves aren’t right for the position or you’ve assigned them wrong. Look into this; if you don’t want to ever leave your company in their hands, and you find delegation next to impossible, it’s time to work on your staff body formation. 

Of course, some business managers can have poor control tendencies, but you’re going to need a strong chain to pull on as your company grows regardless! 

Have a Clear Floor Layout

Whether you’re working at desks with a photocopier in the corner, server towers blinking away at the back, or actual working machinery slap bang in the centre of the floor, make sure you’re following a layout. 

You don’t want people crashing into each other according to the current flow of traffic; sometimes that even means painting arrows on the floor to indicate a one-way system! When your team can move around completely unhampered, it’s going to be far easier to get work done. 

Work with a Fulfilment Service

Delivery logistics can take up a lot of space on the spreadsheet. As a business manager, you’re probably sick and tired of personally fulfilling customer orders - the work never quite ends! 

That’s why you should think about working with a fulfilment service; if your team doesn't have to be tied up in packing and shipping, there’s more time for quality customer service interactions. 

This is a crucial decision to make during the early days of business establishment; you don’t want to overload yourself or your employees, especially if the tasks aren't specifically in the contract! 

Set a Goal Every Working Day

You’re working towards something right now - what is it? You’re unlikely to be able to define it in terms of progress if you don’t set a goal every working day. With a clear, tangible goal like this, you can tick it off at the end of the day and know you’ve used your time effectively. You may need to work on one goal on multiple days, but as long as there are objectives to tick off as you go, you’re going to be moving as efficiently as possible. 

If you’re a business manager, make sure you understand good time management before anything else. It’s the cornerstone of well handled business. 

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