How to Start a Day Spa (Beauty Therapy) Business from Scratch

July 12, 2020

How to Start a Day Spa (Beauty Therapy) Business from Scratch

How to Start a Day Spa or Beauty Therapy Business from Scratch - Every week we will be chatting with business owners, helping them to bust through the challenges they are facing with their business in our Fix Your Business interview series.

In today's episode you will be learning about how to not only how to start a Day Spa Business but specifically how to Grow a Day Spa Business to 6-figures in just 12 months.

If you want to Grow Your Day Spa or are learning about Starting a Day Spa Business from Scratch, then watch the video now!

0:00 - How to Start a Day Spa Business From Scratch
5:00 - How to Run a Beauty Clinic
5:40 - What's the difference between a Day Spa and a Beauty Salon?
7:46 - How are Clinic Prices Calculated?
10:44 - Is a Salon a Profitable Business?
18:01 - How does it Cost to Start a Beauty Salon?
24:20 - How to get more clients in your beauty clinic

My guest today is Laura Davies, Founder of Florence Day Spa.

The business turned 2 years old on the 1st June. It is a day spa based within a sports centre. We offer all aspects of spa, general beauty, and some aesthetics therefore our clients base includes, regulars, gym members and one-time occasion visitors. We even discussed what is the best spa management software to use.

There is currently me and three other therapists whom all specialise indifferent things. The business is set to expand to a second beauty site and the introduction of education in the coming months. I have recently taken the decision to outsource my social media for it to be consistent.

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