Reasons Entrepreneurial Mothers Need A Business Coach

January 17, 2019

Reasons Entrepreneurial Mothers Need A Business Coach

Women who want to enter the entrepreneurial world have to share their time between two babies (or so to speak); one is their children and the second is their businesses.

Because they both need more attention as they grow by the time. This is challenging especially for a Mother juggling a busy work day and the constant joys of parenthood. So, it is necessary to hire a Business Coach to help gain your confidence in running your business.

A Business Coach can help you in the following ways:

Balancing Your Work Hours

Many mums (and Dads!) are trying to work more, and they don’t have any boundaries around their business, they think if they stop working or take some time for rest, their businesses will fail.

For them, criticism is around every corner. Business Coaches give them the confidence to do work fearlessly and use criticism against your work and take it positively.

Get Space For Yourself

A lot of mums I work with tell me they are often racked with guilt because their work takes them away from their families, and on the flip side, their family life doesn't often provide the time and space to grow a business. To become an entrepreneur, this journey might be significant and fulfilling; the only thing that you must give yourself is space. Give yourself space to work, to learn, to fail, to think and to collaborate and most of all space to just be. Get rid of the guilt for asking for space and be confident about the fact that you're a businesswoman.

The understanding and support of people who are in the same circumstances can be considered as life-saving. Other mums, who are running businesses, can support you to grow. They give a space of grace and understanding. Listen to them and learn from their experiences. Many Business Coaches are mums (and Dads) and will inspire you with their true story of struggle and enthusiasm.

Help To Manage Your Priorities

Being a mother, it’s very hard to leave your children at home and get out for work. Many mums left their business because they could not manage their priorities effectively. Sometimes you only need an advisor. So, a Business Coach will help in prioritising the most important tasks around managing motherly duties, family priorities and successfully running a business.

In short, a business coach is very helpful to supporting women entrepreneurs. Helping women learn:

  • how to plan and use skills for combining parenting with collective responsibilities and also helping you to be more creative, satisfied and competent in both areas
  • talk freely about the problems of being a working mother and share planning to deal with those issues
  • build your confidence and capability in making it all work and being more advisable in handling your career
  • do more discussion about flexible working and other forms of active working so that your institute and manager can support you and see the business benefits.

New mums who are just entered in entrepreneur society are in need confidence boost and support from home. Because these women are trying to do something different. So only need to provide a better chance and a proper person who lead them in a direction. Here, Business Coaches play their part very sufficiently.

In fact, the INLP Center recently published an articles on the five obstacles to becoming a successful business coach, and their reasons included:

  1. Lack of confidence; fear of failure
  2. Lack of business skills
  3. Lack of resources
  4. Time management
  5. And procrastination

If you want to know more you can read the full article on the INLP website here.

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