How To Help Your Small Team Thrive In Their Roles

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October 21, 2022

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Having a small team doesn’t have to mean you have limited capabilities, as it’s more than possible to help them each thrive in their individual roles. Fortunately this guide aims to teach you how to do exactly that, so read on to discover more!

Set Goals & Offer Rewards 

One of the best ways to help your team to thrive is by setting motivational, challenging goals and offering great rewards to those who achieve them. It can be far too easy to leave your small team to set their own path, but in reality it should be you who acts as a guiding light to show exactly what’s expected of them. Setting goals is an effective way to do this, as you can create both individual and team goals that your staff can work on to offer the best possible service for your clients or audience.

This might mean setting your customer service team a goal of no complaints, or even setting your sales executive a goal of reaching a certain number of sales in a set time period. It totally depends on your unique team and the type of business that you have, as your goals should essentially relate to the growth and success of your business as a whole.

Your goals should strike a perfect balance between being challenging to keep them on their toes, yet still achievable so they aren’t constantly disheartened if and when they miss it.

The rewards that you offer for goals reached should be attractive too, as making the mistake of opting for cheap, low value rewards could actually be quite insulting for your small team and cause a rift. Something like an extra day of vacation or even a voucher for a great local restaurant are good ideas to consider. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Outsource 

When you have a small team, there can come a point where you simply have too much work for the number of employees available.

You cannot make the mistake of piling extra work on top of your teams already busy schedule, as this will lead to untold levels of stress as well as a reduction in the quality of work completed. Instead, you need to use your own initiative and take it upon yourself to research the opportunity of outsourcing.

Many small businesses outsource a number of different tasks, from managed IT services to deliveries and transportation, and there’s truly no reason why you can’t cash in on such a chance to free up time for your small team. Always research a company before hiring them as an outsourced service, as you need to make sure your high standards can be maintained even when another company is doing some of the work for you.

Your small team will no doubt thank you if you take the time to implement some of the changes described above, so what are you waiting for? Help them to thrive in their roles today for the sake of your business!

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