Why do I need a Business Coach?

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March 16, 2023

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I allowed one of my clients to answer the question:

I never thought I needed a business coach!

I wasn't looking for a business coach. I only connected Robin because of social media, but it wasn't until he joined my directory that I got to know what he does.

I never thought I needed one as the business was busy and I didn't have the time or money for sessions.

But when I met up with him I began to realise that every modern business can benefit from a coach.

Even a business coach needs a business coach like a therapist needs a therapist, a hairdresser needs a hairdresser, etc.

Got to know me and my business.

What Robin did for me was get to know me and my business on a one-to-one basis. Find out what I'm doing & what I want to do & don't want to do, how I can bring more value to my clients easily, and importantly how to make money from my business.

I was working long hours for very small income. Robin made me see that this didn't need to be the case. He thinks outside the box - I know that phrase can be a bit cheesy but his guidance and training has made such a difference in a short time.

I'm now on track for a successful business with only a few tweaks that had to be made. Sometimes we need an outsider to take a look, and point out a few lightbulb ideas of clarity.

What do I look for?

Someone who is an expert and gives generously of their expertise, and genuinely cares about me and my business and my clients. Oh and being laid back, flexible and casual helps too. With a sense of humour and understands my quirkiness.

How do I find a good Business Coach?

A good business coach will take you through a number of iterative steps during their initial consultation process, so I will do my best to walk you through these steps.

1. Is a Business Coach Right for You?

Firstly, your coach will be looking to see if business coaching is really what you need. Whilst you may think that's what you need, it might not be. So, a good coach shouldn't sell themselves first. In my opinion that would be unethical. I would be looking to see whether you need a business coach.

Coaches come in many forms; and I regularly refer prospects to life coaches, executive coaches and mindset coaches. All of whom perform different functions.

If a Business Coach is definitely what you need I move onto step #2.

2. Am I the Right Business Coach For YOU?

I swear a bit, wear T-Shirts to work (and smart shoes and smart jeans!), and I have fun during coaching sessions whilst also being a human being, considerate and sensitive to my clients' needs. I have no formal coaching qualifications aside from my 17 years in business and having worked with many hundreds of business owners. My approach isn't for everyone. We might establish that Business Coaching is for you, but I might not be the right Business Coach for you.

3. Are my Coaching Programmes a Good Fit For You?

Finally, and only finally, do I start to match you up with the right coaching programme. It may even be that Business Coaching is for you and I might be the right Coach, but my Coaching Programmes might NOT be a good fit. This is absolutely fine.

During the consultation/diagnostic process I will be looking to see what outcomes you would like to see from being coached. If my programmes can't deliver that outcome then I will say so at this point. This happens during approximately 20% of my consultations.

The key thing to remember, if you are searching for a business coach, is that a consultation with a coach should NEVER be a sales pitch. Ideally you will be speaking 70% of the time and the coach 30% of the time. And the coach in front of you should be just as happy if they hear a, "No!" as they are in hearing a, "Yes!". Because either option is the right outcome for you and your business. If the entire consultation is all, "Me! Me! Me!" then walk away.

I've worked with some fantastic coaches in my time...

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