What is Business Coaching?

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March 16, 2023

Online Business Startup

You’ve always wanted to start your own business, haven’t you?

Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here.

Every Business starts with a dream or idea.

Entrepreneurs starting in business have some ideas or dreams which they want to turn into a reality through their passion, motivation and hard work.

But it’s not that simple!

26 years ago, at the dawn of the Internet age, there were 468,000 registered businesses in the UK. Today, there are 5.5 million businesses in the UK. There is 10x the competition in your sector, with 2,000 new businesses popping up every day.

How will you be different?

How will you stand out?

A business will never survive let alone thrive if there is no clear vision or real plan laid out from Day 1.

This is where Business Coaching comes in handy!

An expert coach guided the business owner (that’s you.) to work out a strategy to get the business from where it is now to where it needs to be. It is a process of self-discovery, identifying business goals and getting shit done.

Making your Dreams your Goals

Business coaching helps you take your idea and turn it into a concrete and well-defined business plan. Once the plan is set you now work on what your business goals are and where you want your business to go. Your Coach helps you set these goals making sure they are SMART;

  • Specific—Making sure your goals relate to your product or service offered.
  • Measurable—A way to track your progress.
  • Agreed—Both you and your Coach are on the same page about your business goals.
  • Realistic—Achievable goals, none of this “I want to be a millionaire in six months” malarkey! Make sure you can reasonably do this with the tools you are given.
  • Timed—A period of time you want to achieve these goals within. (Like working towards a deadline, if you can bring yourself to remember your days in school).

Milestones are set once the business is up and running; for growth and motivation. You can track your progress with your goals by what milestones you're meeting and by when you’re meeting them.

Say you wanted to gain 1,000 Instagram followers in the first two months, you’d set this as a Milestone. Once you have achieved 1,000 Instagram Followers you can mark it up on your calendar and tick it off the to-do list. If the two months have passed and you’re yet to reach your goal you can pinpoint why you failed. In turn, use this feedback to help work out how you can achieve your next milestone.

Making your Dreams a Reality

Everything works better if there is a good plan with some ‘decent’ strategies.

Business Coaching helps you to plan and set up strategies to work towards and make your dreams a reality.

The business plan and strategies are ‘Timed’, so you can work towards them at your own pace. By timing them you can determine the passion and speed you will work towards your goals. Business coaching provides motivation, helps you to stay on track and push you towards where you once dreamed to be. It is the constant push from your Business Coach which help you stay on your path to success; without letting you lose your ‘head’.

Your Coach will provide you with reminders to keep you focused, reminding you of your milestones and goals. Your Coach will act like your business partner supporting you and allowing you to take the time to reflect on your progress. In addition to making competitive strategies, Business Coaching helps businesses build relationships as well as maintaining good relationships with your competitors, alliances, customers and others.

Business Coaching is VITAL for every budding business in every sector!

I’d invest in one if I were you.

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