Can A Business Grow Without Marketing?

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November 9, 2022

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Marketing is a form of promotion. When you start a business or even working for a very long time,

How can it be possible that you sell your product or services without marketing?

New companies and people add in business on daily basis. Most of have the same service as you have so it's impossible to grow up without marketing.

Let's discuss the disadvantages of no marketing strategy that you have. How much advantage and disadvantages that you have got because of it.

People Won't Know You Exist

When a company enters into the market, people know it because of its advertisement.

It's impossible to get fame and sales without marketing. You can try many ways to endorse your product like chose social media, everybody uses a different social app, it's easy to put your stuff on social media. People will get to know by sharing your products posts and pictures.

There is other cheap and easy way to bring up your goods. But without marketing it’s impossible.

Your Competitors Will Take Advantage Of Your Non-existence

As we all know when you even make a pencil or pin, there are thousands of companies and brands that are making the same things, so you can't compete with them. This thing will take you away from the market. Without market your competitors will take advantage of your non-existence in the market, even though your product is better than theirs but how can customers know about it? It's marketing that keeps you up in the market.

No Customers

When you are not in the market then how is that possible that your product has customers? When you have no customers then how can you get profit? Without money, your company will become to an end. Marketing is basically is a process of understanding the need of consumers and after this create different products that are according to their demand, and also act together with the market to constantly increase the offers. Customers always attract with different ideas and most importantly they want changes in everything. So it's the company's duty to attract customers with different offers and advertisements.

No Improvements And No Feedback

There is zero improvement in business. Feedback came when people bought the product and use it, without customers you cannot get any feedback. And zero feedback means zero improvements. And it will become a reason of ruin your whole business. Your all investment will be at risk. Bad or good feedback is necessary for improvement.

Zero Marketing = Zero Reputation

Most of the time, a company’s upbringing depends on its reputation. Bad or good repute always effects on production of any company. If you are not the marketing your product that will affect your product in negative because your competitors take advantage of it and they spread fake news regarding your product. But if you do marketing of your services then it will help you to maintain your company's repute and also your customers will satisfy with your services.

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