How Much Does 1-to-1 Business Coaching Cost?

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February 19, 2023

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A business coach is required to help the success of a business.

We help you to become a better player in the market and to enable your employees to perform at their best.

Hiring a business coach can never be a bad decision, however, the only thing to consider is the cost of business coaching. The costs vary greatly but it worth every penny as it will only provide lasting advantages to the company, BUT… you have to see this an investment for your business!

The Costs Of Business Coaching:

Business coaching is available in different formats:

  • One to one program
  • Group coaching
  • Advisory boards

The program that you will need depends on the size of your business and the resulting cost will vary according to each program. The average business coach will cost around £12,000 upwards a year.

I know it sounds scarily expensive …but remember it's all about the QUALITY!

You could opt for a cheaper coach but remember much like ‘whoopsie’ aisles at your local supermarket-you get what you pay for.

Factors Influencing The Costs:

Here are the factors which influence the costs, you can use them to lower the cost of business coaching.

The place and method of delivery highly influence the cost. Either the session is delivered virtually, or in-person impacts the resulting cost, if your coach is located outside your city or country then it may cost more to deliver an in-person session. In addition to this, coaching with groups or one to one coaching can also vary in cost, depending on your business’s unique needs. If your needs are very general the costs may be lower but if you have specific needs which require special advice then the cost may be higher.

The length of time will also contribute to the cost, a one-time session’s cost will be lower than a longer-term arrangement. The longer arrangements may vary from weeks to months or even forever, some business’s just like knowing we’re there when they need us!

Though Business Coaching often has the same strategies to solve the problems of various different businesses, the cost of tailored or personalised programs according to the need of your company, will be higher.

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