7-Day Pricing Challenge

In the next 7 days you're going to gain confidence around your goals, products, lifetime value of your customers, and most importantly; your pricing. The main objective in business is making money, if there are no sales, there's no money to run a business with. Hence why pricing your products is so important.

Day 4: Product Packages

Put your hand up if you sell services?

If you did actually put your hand up; firstly, that was a bit odd...you're looking at a web page. Secondly, you're wrong. Every service can be packaged up into a product, like a story it should also have a beginning a middle and an end. In business terms, that looks like the pre-sale (consultation), product (delivery) and after-sale (support and follow up). The first bit should be free, the middle bit should be some money, the last bit should be some money per month ad-infinitum.

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