Business Coach Training Classes and Sessions

Fearless Business helps amazing business owners to FINALLY grow their business and shift away from a value-driven exchange of "time-for money" to charging based on "RESULTS" and RESULTS ALONE. As a direct result of being in the Fearless Business Accelerator many of our clients get a direct return on their investment within the first 4 weeks of the programme and go on to double or treble their turnover within 3-6 months of starting our business coach training classes.

We've helped over 120 business owners to break out of selling their time-for-money over the last 12 months alone.

12-Week Accelerator

This is our core training programme and it does what it says on the tin. It accelerates your business growth. Fearless Business is like the rocket fuel used to get a rocket into space.

The course is structured over 12 weeks with a live webinar, Q&A coaching sessions and a private Facebook Group where delegates can connect with us over the 12-week period, you'll also get a lifetime access to the online portal and recordings.

The Fearless Business Accelerator is designed for:

Our weekly calls are designed to be "hands-on" preparing your business, products and pricing for better success. Helping you to master sales conversations and then switch on the marketing flywheel to attract the most amazing clients into your business. You can learn from our team of hand-picked experts and coaches and share the journey in the carefully curated online community.

What to do next?

Unfortunately we can’t accept every organisation on our programmes. To see if we can help, book your 30-Minute Diagnostic Call and chat with one of the team.

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