5-Day Fearless Challenge

It's been a fantastic year, 2017, hasn't it. Lots of wins. Lots of challenges. Lots of business won and lost. But how much have you really pushed yourself outside of your comfort zone? A little? A lot? Well, I designed 5 very simple fearless business challenges to tempt you even further outside of your comfort zone. Enjoy!

Day 2: Live Facebook Q&A Session

One of the major reasons why I started the Fearless Business Programme was actually to hold myself to account. If I didn’t have you awesome people in the Fearless Crew I really don’t know how much content I’d be giving back to my clients. So, I challenge you to offer EVEN MORE value to your clients and GIVE THEM a Live Facebook Q&A Session."

Day-2-Live-Facebook-Q-and-A (PDF)

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