3 Day Weekend Podcast - Wade Galt

3 Day Weekend Podcast - Wade Galt

How coaches, consultants and freelancers can deliver more powerfully and make more money with fewer clients.

How coaches, consultants and freelancers can deliver more powerfully and make more money with fewer clients.

About the Host - Wade Galt

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About the Guests

Business Coach 💥 Podcast Host 🎙 Keynote Speaker 🎤 Bestselling Author of Online Business Startup and Take Your Shot

Robin Waite is the Founder of Fearless Business, speaker and bestselling author of Online Business Startup and Take Your Shot.

Fearless Business is a coaching program which helps consultants and freelancers to stop selling time-for-money, productise their service and to confidently charge more

What to Expect During this Interview

The people who do market niche and product niche incredibly well have a pricing niche, the trifecta, they can command whatever price point they want because they're in demand, because they do a great job of one thing for one person.

All right. Welcome, everybody. Today I'm excited to have Robin Wait with us. Robin is the author of Take Your Shot. He helps small business owners when you get more into that. And today we're going to talk about Stop under selling yourself, how you can articulate your value and confidently charge more. Thanks so much for joining us today, Robin.

Do you want to make more money? Do you want to deliver your services with more power? The answer is yes. If you're not making as much money as you'd like, it's likely because you haven't figured out how to be powerful in the eyes of your clients. In this article, we'll cover how coaches, consultants and freelancers can do this by charging more for their services, which will lead to better client relationships and ultimately more revenue for them.


  • Clarity on what you do and don't do well.
  • Clarity on the value you offer.
  • Clarity on your business model.
  • Clarity on your goals, and how they align with your client's goals.


A key part of developing confidence is knowing your value proposition. This is a fancy term for what you do well and how you do it. It's also the reason clients hire you: because they need your particular expertise, not because there are any other people on earth who could do what you do as well as or better than you can.

Your confidence comes from being clear on this point, so that when someone asks "why should I hire you?", the answer comes easily off your tongue: "Because I'm an expert at X."

Being confident means being able to deliver your service with confidence; it means knowing how much time each project will take and what kind of preparation it requires before diving into work with clients (and if there are no surprises). You'll be able to charge more money because everything about the way in which clients engage with their projects will feel smooth and easy--which increases satisfaction for both parties involved!

Clarity on what you do and don't do well

If you're not clear on what you do and don't do well, then how can you be sure that the right clients are coming to you?

In order to attract the right clients, it's important to know what they want and need. This means being very clear on what your strengths are as a coach or consultant. It also means being crystal clear about where your weaknesses lie - so that if one of those things comes up during a coaching session with a client, they know where they can find help elsewhere without wasting time trying to get through their problem with someone who doesn't have enough experience in that area (or simply doesn't want to take on that type of work).

Having a clear value proposition and deliverables for clients

A value proposition is a promise of the benefits that your clients will receive from working with you. It's the essence of why they should hire you over anyone else, and how it will help them grow their business.

The deliverables are what you actually deliver to them (in terms of time or money). They can be things like:

  • A report on industry trends and best practices in your field;
  • An analysis of their current marketing strategies compared to competitors in the same industry;
  • A plan for how they can increase sales by 20% within six months; etc

Knowing how much to charge, and how to deliver it with confidence

  • Know what you're worth.
  • Know what your clients are worth.
  • Know what your competitors charge.
  • If they're charging more than you, find out why and make sure that their work is better than yours (or at least different). Then ask yourself if it's worth paying that much more for those differences. If so, then go ahead and raise your price!
  • If not, keep working on improving the quality of your service until it comes closer to being on par with theirs in terms of value for money - but never just blindly copy their prices because otherwise all of this will have been a waste!
  • How much should I charge? This depends on several factors: The market conditions at the time; how well known or established I am; my experience level; whether I'm offering a premium service or something generic like "consulting". In general though there are three main ways our industry determines pricing: hourly rates based on time spent (e.g., $250/hour), fixed fees based per project ($10k), or retainer agreements where clients pay an annual amount upfront which entitles them access unlimited services within certain limits (say $20k).

You can make more money by charging more for your services and delivering more power with fewer clients

  • You can deliver more power by charging more.
  • You can charge more by delivering more value.
  • You can deliver more value by charging more.

Why you should charge more?

When you are offering a service, your client or customer should be able to see the value in what you offer.

If they can't, then why would they buy? If they can see the value and still choose not to buy, then there must be something else holding them back (e.g., budget constraints). It may seem counterintuitive because we've been conditioned for so long now that charging less means more sales and vice versa, but this isn't always true when it comes down to it!

By charging more money for our services than we currently do (or even charge at all), we give ourselves permission on some level not only with ourselves but also with our clients or customers who come across our work: "This person knows their stuff." And if someone thinks highly enough of my services/products/etc., then maybe I am worth their business after all...

How do you charge more to clients?

You can charge more to clients by having a clear value proposition, deliverables and pricing.

If you want to make more money with fewer clients, then it's important that you have clarity on what your services are worth. You need to be able to explain what makes your service unique from other similar offerings out there in the marketplace. Once this is done, then it becomes easier for you as a freelancer or consultant who works remotely from home or office space as well as coaches who work with clients face-to-face via video calls such as Skype (or FaceTime) sessions each week at whatever frequency suits both parties best based on their needs at any given time during their coaching journey together."


We have explored the main reasons why you should charge more, and how to do it. However, it's important that you don't lose sight of your core values as a freelancer or coach. The most successful freelancers and coaches are those who know what they do well, and they deliver that value with confidence to their clients.

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