Stand Out Millennial Podcast - Seth Benham

Stand Out Millennial Podcast - Seth Benham

Seth Benham, Nathaniel Duarte invited Robin Waite onto the Stand Out Millennial podcast to talk about pricing your products, sales and marketing.

By Millennials, For Millennials. The Standout Millennial Show dives deep into Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Culture. Hosts Seth Benham and Nathaniel Duarte will interview some of the most successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the world. Our goal is to inspire and ignite a fire underneath the millennial generation as well as anyone else who listens to this podcast.

What we discussed on the show

Being a carer, a parent or any other type of carer is an incredibly rewarding experience. You will be able to look after those who may not be able to look after themselves and that can be extremely fulfilling. However, it is also hard work and at times this can lead to exhaustion, stress and feeling burned out – but what exactly is burnout?

What is Burn Out?

Burn out is a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion caused by excessive stress. It can lead to feelings of hopelessness and depersonalisation.

The symptoms of burnout include feeling tired all the time, lacking motivation or having low self-esteem. These symptoms are caused by long working hours that don't allow you enough time for yourself or your family; working in a high pressure job where you feel like you're never doing enough; stress from dealing with difficult colleagues at work; depression as a result of feeling overwhelmed by everything going on around you - for example losing someone close who has been part of your life for many years might leave behind feelings of grief which can be overwhelming if there isn't support available from friends/family members etcetera

How to regain fulfilment

You need to take time out for yourself. This can be as simple as going for a walk, taking up a new hobby or trying something you have always wanted to do but never had the chance. If your job is making you feel overwhelmed and stressed, then make sure that when this happens, there are plans in place so that you don't just fall apart at work - go home early if necessary!

If things get really bad then it may be worth talking through what has happened with someone who understands how difficult it can be; however I would recommend speaking with someone who knows about burnout before starting any kind of counselling or therapy so they understand why they might feel like this (and also because some people just don't want those services).

Realise it's ok to say no

It's ok to say no.

You don't have to do everything.

It's not selfish or lazy, it's a sign of good self-care and responsibility for your own wellbeing. You can be kind to yourself and say no sometimes, even if that makes other people unhappy with you. You don't have to let other people's expectations dictate how much energy you put into something; find out what works best for you and stick with that!

Take time out for yourself

  • Take time out for yourself.
  • Go out for a meal or to the movies with friends.
  • Spend time with family.
  • Try something new, like learning how to play an instrument, taking up a hobby or joining a club that interests you.

Take on a new hobby, or something you have always wanted to try

While it's important to take some time off, you also need to make sure that you are still doing things that make you happy. Try something new! Try a new sport or hobby, or even just learn how to cook an amazing dish. If it doesn't work out the first time, don't give up--just keep trying until it clicks into place in your mind and becomes second nature.

If this sounds too daunting for now, then perhaps try something smaller: maybe pick up a book on something related to what interests you; watch some documentaries on YouTube; talk with friends from different backgrounds about their experiences; try volunteering at an organization close-by... The possibilities are endless! The key here is finding something that excites us enough so we want spend our time doing it rather than sitting around feeling bored all day long (which leads directly back into the cycle of burnout).

Have a plan for when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed

When you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, it's important to have a plan for how you will take care of yourself.

When I feel like my energy is low, I know that taking a break from work is the best thing for me. Taking breaks can help us recharge our batteries so that we can continue working with renewed vigour later on in the day or week.

It's also helpful to set time limits on tasks that require lots of focus and concentration (like writing). This will help prevent burnout by ensuring that no single task takes over your entire day!

Go for a walk when you feel particularly low

When you feel particularly low, go for a walk.

It's a great way to clear your head and it can help you relax and think about things from a different perspective. You'll also get some exercise, which is good for your health!

What are the symptoms of burnout?

  • Feeling tired and exhausted
  • Feeling stressed
  • Feeling like you are not good enough
  • Feeling like you can't cope with your workload, or with the demands of your job, family or other commitments. You may feel overwhelmed by them all and think that if only one thing would change in your life then everything would be better. This can lead to a sense of helplessness which makes it harder for us to deal with our problems in an effective way (e.g., "I'll never get out from under this pile of work!").
  • Not being able to do everything we want because there isn't enough time in the day; feeling like we have no control over what happens next (e.g., "What if my boss asks me for something else?"); feeling stressed because there's always more work than we have time for; having difficulty sleeping due to worry about deadlines or other issues related to our job or career path

How do you fix burnout?

  • Go for a walk
  • Take time out for yourself
  • Have a plan for when you are feeling overwhelmed (e.g., go for a run or have a cup of tea/coffee)
  • Realise it's ok to say no sometimes, even if it feels like the world will end if you do so (it won't).
  • Take on a new hobby or something that has always been on your list of things to try but never got around to doing!


Burnout is a condition that affects many people, but it doesn't have to be. It's important to know what burnout is and how you can prevent it from happening in the first place. If you do find yourself feeling burnt out, there are some simple steps that can help get your life back on track again!

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