More Than a Few Words - Lorraine Ball

More Than a Few Words - Lorraine Ball

Learn how Robin Waite's strategic partnerships led to 1500 leads and £130,000 in new business. Discover actionable steps to replicate this success for your

In a  recent episode of the More Than A Few Words podcast, host Lorraine Ball was joined by Robin Waite and dived into the power of partnerships and how they can transform your business. Robin Waite is a dynamic public speaker, author, and international business coach with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience. Robin recently shared how one podcast interview led to an astonishing 1500 leads and over £130,000 in new business. Let's explore how he achieved this remarkable success and the steps you can take to replicate it.

What We Discussed on the More Than a Few Words Podcast

  1. Mastermind Group Influence: Joining a mastermind group with influential individuals can spark ideas for leveraging partnerships for business growth.
  2. Hyper-Intentionality: Deliberately choosing partners and understanding how you can contribute to their success is crucial.
  3. Being Present: Attending events and making meaningful, in-person connections can open up significant opportunities.
  4. Adding Value: Offering help, even in small tasks, builds rapport and trust with potential partners.
  5. Leveraging Inside Connections: Finding and connecting with individuals who can facilitate introductions or opportunities within target organisations is key.
  6. Patience and Persistence: Success often requires a patient and persistent approach, with a focus on strategic networking.
  7. Seizing Opportunities: Being prepared to seize opportunities as they arise, even if it means adjusting your schedule or making sacrifices, can lead to significant business impact.

The Journey Begins: From Mastermind to Partnership

During the lockdown, Robin joined a mastermind group with several influential individuals, including popular YouTubers and inspiring coaches. This group not only provided camaraderie but also sparked the idea of leveraging partnerships for exponential business growth. Robin, who had been grinding away through traditional networking and one-on-one lead generation, realised that there was a more effective way to achieve success.

Key Lessons from Simon Alexander Ong

A pivotal moment came when Robin observed his friend Simon Alexander Ong, an author and motivational speaker, forging powerful partnerships. Simon was intentional about the people he connected with and focused on what he could offer them rather than what he could gain. This approach involved:

  1. Hyper-Intentionality: Choosing partners deliberately and understanding what he could contribute to their success.
  2. Being Present: Physically attending events, meeting key individuals, and making meaningful connections.
  3. Adding Value: Finding ways to be helpful, even in small tasks, to build rapport and trust.
  4. Finding the Inside Person: Connecting with individuals who could facilitate introductions or opportunities within the target organisation.

The Breakthrough: Landing the Podcast Interview

Robin set his sights on being a guest on Ali Abdaal's "Deep Dive" podcast. Ali, a YouTuber with millions of subscribers, was an ideal partner for gaining exposure. Robin's strategy involved attending Ali's events, volunteering to help (even running a microphone at an event), and getting to know his team. His efforts paid off when he was offered a last-minute slot on the podcast.

The Results: From Interview to Impact

Robin's appearance on the "Deep Dive" podcast was a game-changer. The interview garnered over 200,000 views and led to:

  • 1500 leads in the first 90 days
  • 80+ booked sales calls
  • £150,000 (approximately $180,000) in new business

This success story underscores the importance of patience, persistence, and strategic networking.

Actionable Steps for Your Business

If you want to replicate Robin's success, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Be Intentional: Identify potential partners who align with your business goals and values.
  2. Get Out There: Attend events, meet people in person, and build genuine relationships.
  3. Add Value: Find ways to help others without expecting immediate returns.
  4. Leverage Connections: Look for inside connections who can facilitate introductions or opportunities.
  5. Be Prepared: Seize opportunities when they arise, even if it means adjusting your schedule or making sacrifices.


Robin Waite's story is a testament to the power of partnerships and strategic networking. His journey from traditional lead generation to leveraging high-impact partnerships offers valuable lessons for any business owner looking to scale their operations. By being intentional, present, and helpful, you too can unlock new opportunities and achieve significant business growth.

For more insights and tips, be sure to check out the links in the show notes to Robin's other conversations and the transformative interview that sparked his success. And remember, the road to overnight success is paved with intentional efforts and strategic partnerships.

Stay tuned to "More Than A Few Words" for more marketing conversations that can help you grow your business. Thanks for listening!

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