The Get it Done Podcast - Ivan Jenkins

The Get it Done Podcast - Ivan Jenkins

Join Ivan Jenkins & Robin Waite as they unveil top strategies for business success on the Get it Done Podcast. Tune in now!

In a recent podcast interview with Ivan Jenkins on the Get it Done Podcast, business coach and scaling expert Robin Waite shared a wealth of insights on building and growing a successful business. 

Ivan Jenkins is an experienced partner with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Business Process, Business Planning, Requirements Analysis, Business Development, Strategy and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). You can check out his website here,

This article distils the key takeaways from our conversation, focusing on essential strategies and principles for business success.

What We Discussed on Pricing and Money Mindset with Robin Waite

  1. Value Over Price Wars: Focus on your unique value proposition instead of engaging in price wars with competitors. Ask potential clients to justify the value of your product or service.
  2. Irresistible Offers: Reduce sales friction with irresistible offers like trials or free samples. This builds trust, increases conversions, and allows for higher pricing.
  3. Diversify Products: Create a portfolio with complementary products or services to enhance your value proposition and increase customer lifetime value.
  4. Scaling with Purpose: Align scaling with personal and professional goals, ensuring fulfilment, financial rewards, and freedom.
  5. Analysing Business Capacity: Understand your business's true capacity, optimise it to around 72%, and price realistically based on this capacity.
  6. Three Pillars of Success: Success is based on fulfilment, financial rewards, and freedom – ensure your business aligns with these three pillars.
  7. The Art of Saying No: Be discerning about opportunities to maintain fulfilment, financial success, and freedom.

Pricing Strategies for Success:

Competitive Pricing vs. Value Proposition:

Rather than engaging in price wars with competitors, Robin emphasises the importance of understanding your unique value proposition.

When faced with questions about your higher pricing, consider turning the question back to potential clients. Encourage them to justify the value of your product or service, allowing you to tailor your pitch to their specific needs.

Irresistible Offers:

To reduce friction in the sales process, consider introducing an irresistible offer. Options like trial periods or sending free samples enable potential clients to experience your offering firsthand, build trust, and increase conversion rates.

Higher pricing often leads to a virtuous cycle, allowing you to deliver higher quality and garner satisfied clients who refer others. This, in turn, reduces the need for a large customer base, granting more resources for client satisfaction and product improvement.

Diversify Your Product Offerings:

Instead of solely focusing on one product or service, explore the benefits of building a portfolio that includes complementary products or services. This approach enhances your value proposition and provides opportunities for upselling and cross-selling, ultimately increasing customer lifetime value.

Diversification also offers pricing flexibility, enabling you to provide customised packages tailored to individual customer needs.

Scaling Wisely:

Aligning Growth with Goals:

While scaling is often seen as the ultimate goal, Robin reminds us that bigger isn't always better. Scaling should align with your personal and professional goals, ensuring that it brings fulfilment, financial rewards, and freedom.

Be cautious of scaling too quickly, as it may lead to personal chaos and sacrifices. Determine your ideal business size and don't hesitate to decline opportunities that compromise your balance of fulfilment, financial success, and freedom.

Analysing Business Capacity:

Understanding Capacity:

Every business has capacity limitations, whether in production, service delivery, or human resources. It's crucial to understand your business's true capacity and set pricing and growth goals accordingly.

Analyse each business function, such as sales, marketing, admin, and HR, to identify bottlenecks and areas where rework may occur. Optimal utilisation of capacity is around 72%, allowing room to handle unexpected issues.

Pricing Based on Realistic Capacity:

When pricing your products or services, base your rates on your realistic capacity, not your maximum capacity. This ensures that your pricing aligns with your ability to deliver quality consistently.

The Essence of Entrepreneurial Success:

Robin also emphasises the importance of aligning your business goals with the three fundamental pillars of success: fulfilment, financial reward, and freedom.

The Fulfilment Factor:

Building a business that fulfils your personal and professional goals is the foundation of success. Entrepreneurship should bring joy, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose.

Pursuing a business that aligns with your passions and values leads to long-term satisfaction and ensures that your daily work is both meaningful and enjoyable.

Achieving Financial Success:

While fulfilment is crucial, a successful business should also provide financial rewards. Robin highlights that pricing strategies should be designed to generate sustainable profits that support your desired lifestyle.

striking the right balance between pricing your products or services competitively and ensuring profitability is key to long-term financial success.

Freedom to Choose:

Freedom is the final pillar, allowing you to choose how you spend your time and energy. Entrepreneurship should grant you the freedom to enjoy life outside of work, whether it's spending time with family, pursuing personal interests, or travelling.

Scaling and expanding your business should not compromise your freedom. Instead, growth should enhance your ability to enjoy life on your terms.

The Art of Saying No:

Robin also stresses the significance of knowing when to say no. As your business grows, you may be presented with various opportunities, but not all of them align with your three F's.

Being discerning about the opportunities you pursue ensures that your business journey remains fulfilling, financially rewarding, and liberating.

Finding Your Optimal Business Size:

It's essential to recognise that bigger doesn't always mean better. Scaling should be aligned with your personal and professional aspirations, ensuring that it enhances your fulfilment, financial rewards, and freedom.

Your optimal business size is the point where these three F's harmonise, and you achieve the perfect balance that defines your entrepreneurial success.

Podcast Summary

Robin Waite's insights provide a valuable roadmap for achieving business success. From pricing strategies that highlight value to diversifying product offerings and understanding your business's true capacity, these lessons offer a solid foundation for entrepreneurs and business owners navigating today's competitive landscape.

Remember that scaling isn't merely about getting bigger; it's about attaining your desired balance of fulfilment, financial rewards, and freedom. With a clear understanding of your business goals and the principles outlined in this article, you can confidently chart your path to entrepreneurial success.

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