The Purpose People Podcast - Darrell Irwin

The Purpose People Podcast - Darrell Irwin

Robin Waite discusses valuing work, overcoming business fears, and the 'what's next' mindset on the Purpose People Podcast.

Explore the insightful conversation between Robin Waite, author and founder of Fearless Business, and Darrell Irwin, host of the Purpose People Podcast. They delve into the importance of valuing your work, overcoming business fears, the power of networking, and the concept of 'tribe' in marketing. Discover the significance of the 'what's next' mindset in business growth and success.

In a recent episode of the Purpose People Podcast, Robin Waite, author of "Take Your Shot" and founder of Fearless Business, shared his insights on the importance of valuing one's work, overcoming fears in business, and the power of networking.

Valuing Your Work

Waite emphasised the importance of charging what you're worth. He believes that many people undervalue their services, which can hinder their business growth. By understanding the value of your work, you can attract more clients and increase your revenue.

Overcoming Fears in Business

Waite also discussed the concept of fear in business. He argued that in the Western world, the fears we face in business are often self-imposed and relatively minor compared to the real-world dangers faced in less developed regions. He encourages business owners to fear less and take more action, especially in areas like pricing, sales, and marketing.

The Power of Networking

The conversation also touched on the importance of networking. Waite highlighted that many people avoid networking due to fear of public speaking or pitching their business. However, he believes that we are all pitching every day in some form or another, and that being conscious and intentional about this can lead to greater business success.

The Concept of 'Tribe' in Marketing

Waite introduced the concept of 'tribe' in marketing. He explained that finding your tribe - people who share similar values and backgrounds - is at the heart of successful marketing. By creating a sense of belonging, businesses can demonstrate their best and go beyond their customers' expectations.

The 'What's Next' Mindset

One of the key takeaways from the interview was the importance of the 'what's next' mindset. Waite believes that business owners should always be prepared to answer the question of what comes next for their clients. This forward-thinking approach can lead to continuous growth and success.


The interview with Robin Waite provided valuable insights for anyone looking to grow their business and overcome common fears. By valuing your work, overcoming fears, networking effectively, finding your tribe, and adopting a 'what's next' mindset, you can take your business to new heights.

Darrell also runs a fantastic branding agency called Cre8ion who build brans that inspire belief and create belonging.

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