The Unstoppable Podcast - Stephen Scoggins

The Unstoppable Podcast - Stephen Scoggins

Unlock the secrets to sustainable entrepreneurship! Learn from Robin Waite's insights on the infinite game, resilience, value pricing, and more.

In a recent episode of the UNSTOPPABLE podcast, host Stephen Scoggins engaged in a compelling conversation with renowned business strategist and author, Robin Waite. This podcast episode provides profound insights into the intricacies of entrepreneurship, spanning from the inception phase to crucial financial management, strategic pricing, and the innovative concept of integrating an "espresso machine" product into business models.

Stephen Scoggins is globally recognised as a distinguished speaker and an award-winning businessman. Demonstrating a consistent ability to elevate businesses to the forefront of their industries, Stephen has devoted his entire life to furnishing proven solutions for entrepreneurs, leaders, and motivated individuals, empowering them to become unstoppable in every aspect of their endeavours.

What We Discussed on the Unstoppable Podcast 

  1. Infinite Game Philosophy: Embrace the infinite game philosophy, focusing on continuous evolution and journey rather than short-term wins and losses in entrepreneurship.
  2. Long-Term Vision: Shift from a transactional mindset to aligning with a long-term vision for sustained success in business.
  3. Resilience and Adaptability: Thrive on resilience and adaptability, being agile in response to market changes and consistently refining strategies in the infinite game.
  4. Collaborative Relationships: View competitors as collaborators in the infinite game, fostering relationships for collective growth within the business ecosystem.
  5. Core Values Alignment: Enduring businesses align with core values; defining and adhering to these values serves as a compass in the entrepreneurial journey.
  6. Financial Acumen: Meticulous planning during the ideation phase is crucial; understanding financial basics, including revenue and profit, is vital for business success.
  7. Value-Based Pricing: Transition from hourly rates to value-based pricing, creating packages and tiered offerings to provide nuanced and equitable pricing strategies.

Navigating the Infinite Game of Entrepreneurship

Robin introduces the concept of the infinite game, a term popularised by Simon Sinek in his book "The Infinite Game." The infinite game, in the context of business, is about playing to keep playing rather than aiming for a finite endpoint. It's an approach that transcends short-term wins and losses, focusing on the enduring journey and the continual evolution of the business.

Shifting from Short-Term Gains to Long-Term Vision

The conversation emphasises the importance of entrepreneurs transitioning from a short-term, transactional mindset to one that aligns with a long-term vision. Robin encourages businesses to embrace the idea that success isn't a one-time achievement but an ongoing process of growth, adaptation, and contribution to a larger purpose.

Building Resilience and Adaptability

The infinite game necessitates a mindset that thrives on resilience and adaptability. Robin highlights the importance of being agile in response to market changes, embracing innovation, and consistently refining business strategies. The discussion underscores that in the infinite game, there's no final victory or defeat – only a continuous journey of improvement.

Fostering Collaborative Relationships

Entrepreneurs are encouraged to view competitors not as adversaries in a finite game but as collaborators in the infinite game. Robin advocates for building relationships within the business ecosystem, recognising that collective growth benefits everyone involved. The emphasis is on creating win-win scenarios and contributing positively to the broader business community.

Aligning with Core Values

Integral to the concept of the infinite game is the alignment with core values. Businesses that endure and thrive over the long term often have a strong foundation based on values that guide decision-making. The discussion underscores the importance of defining and adhering to these values as a compass for navigating the complexities of the entrepreneurial journey.

Ideation and Financial Acumen

Robin underscores the vital role of meticulous planning during the ideation phase of a business. The episode shares a personal anecdote from Robin's journey, emphasising the substantial impact of neglecting financial statements and the potential consequences of not comprehending the numerical backbone of a business. Entrepreneurs are urged to embrace financial basics, with a focus on understanding revenue, gross profit, and net profit.

Navigating Financial Learning Curves

Robin candidly discusses his own mistakes in business and the costs associated with financial mismanagement. The conversation stresses the significance of entrepreneurs dedicating time to understand financial statements, allocating at least four hours a week to review financial data.

Unravelling the Pricing and Value Conundrum

Robin delves into the common challenge entrepreneurs face when determining the pricing structure for their products or services. Many businesses struggle with finding the sweet spot that aligns with market expectations, reflects the true value delivered, and ensures sustainable profitability.

Transitioning from Hourly Rates to Value-Based Pricing

The discussion emphasises the shift from traditional hourly rates to a value-based pricing model. Robin encourages entrepreneurs to move away from solely valuing their time and, instead, focus on the value they bring to their clients' lives or businesses. This transition allows for a more nuanced and equitable pricing strategy.

Creating Packages and Tiered Offerings

Entrepreneurs are advised to consider creating packages and tiered offerings to provide customers with various choices that cater to different needs and budgets. Robin suggests that this approach not only increases the average order value but also allows businesses to address a broader market segment.

Cost-Plus Based Pricing vs. Establishing Market Tone

The podcast delves into pricing strategies, with Robin advocating for a baseline of aiming for at least a 50% gross margin. The discussion includes the concept of Cost-Plus based pricing, with a strong emphasis on factoring in all costs related to a product or service. Robin warns against common pitfalls, such as misjudging staff costs' impact on decision-making.

Cementing a Robust Gross Margin

Robin highlights the importance of a robust gross margin to cover overheads and expenses. He emphasises the need for businesses to manage their finances effectively, whether it's a service or product-oriented venture, with the 50% gross margin providing a foundational guide to cover expenses.

Navigating Success and Building Financial Resilience

The conversation shifts to managing expenses during prosperous times and saving for unforeseen challenges. Robin advises entrepreneurs against overspending and encourages saving for a rainy day, stressing the need to bridge the gap between income and expenses.

Embracing the Investor Mindset

Robin introduces the investor mindset concept, urging businesses to maintain 3 to 6 months' worth of operating expenses in a separate account. This financial safety net provides the freedom to make strategic decisions and pivot when necessary, transforming the business landscape.

Goal-Focused Pricing and Incremental Value

The episode shifts to insights into goal-focused pricing, urging entrepreneurs to calculate income goals and adjust pricing accordingly. Robin recommends a gradual increase in prices to match desired income levels, allowing business owners to balance workload and value.

Crafting an "Espresso Machine" Product

Robin proposes the introduction of an "espresso machine" product into every business – a high-ticket item that represents the pinnacle of value. Drawing inspiration from successful brands, he suggests that such a product not only enhances average order value but also caters to a specific niche within the audience.

Paving the Path to Sustainable Growth

Robin begins the conversation by highlighting the illusion of instant success that some entrepreneurs fall prey to during prosperous times. He emphasises the importance of acknowledging the potential pitfalls associated with rapid growth, particularly the impact on cash flow and the challenges in managing escalating expenses.

Navigating Cash Flow Challenges

The discussion underscores the significance of cash flow management in sustaining business growth. Entrepreneurs are reminded that while success can happen overnight, the consequences on cash flow are instantaneous. Robin advises businesses, especially during times of prosperity, to resist the temptation of excessive spending and to diligently plan for future expenses that may arise during less favourable periods.

Building Financial Resilience

Robin introduces the concept of financial resilience—an essential element in ensuring a business's ability to weather unexpected challenges. He advocates for the creation of a financial safety net, advising entrepreneurs to set aside savings equivalent to three to six months of operating expenses. This reserve acts as a buffer during lean periods, offering the flexibility to navigate challenges without compromising essential commitments like employee salaries and contractual obligations.

The Investor Mindset

Robin encourages entrepreneurs to cultivate an investor mindset, even in their own businesses. This involves making strategic decisions that prioritise long-term sustainability over short-term gains. By approaching financial decisions with prudence and foresight, businesses can build a foundation that withstands economic fluctuations and market uncertainties.


This episode of the "Unstoppable" podcast serves as a comprehensive guide for entrepreneurs at different stages of their business journey. From meticulous financial management to strategic pricing and the introduction of high-value products, Robin Robin's expertise offers a roadmap for sustainable success. The podcast serves as an invaluable resource for navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship, underlining the importance of financial literacy and strategic decision-making.

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