3 Departments Within Your Business You Can Outsource

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August 2, 2023

Many businesses outsource specific departments within their business so that they can grow within their means. It also allows a business to get experts on hand to assist without having to pay them a full-time premium rate. If this sounds like something you’d want your business to get involved in, then you’re in luck! There are many departments you can outsource, which we will cover below.

Key Takeaways on Departments You Can Outsource

  1. Outsource Accountancy and Finance: Hiring permanent accountants can be costly, so consider outsourcing payroll services and financial management to experts who can handle your finances accurately and efficiently.
  2. Outsource Customer Service: Embrace technology and outsource customer service to call centres or tech experts who can design chatbots and automation solutions to handle customer queries and minor issues, while human experts can handle more complex problems.
  3. Outsource IT Support: IT is vital for business operations, so outsource IT support to dedicated teams who can ensure your systems are up and running 24/7, allowing you to focus on your core business activities while leaving IT management to experts.
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Accountancy And Finance

One of the first departments you should seriously consider outsourcing is your accountancy and finance department. This is becoming a much more common area of a business to be outsourced, and that’s for a good reason. For one, it can be very costly to hire accountants permanently within a business, and the return can often not be worth it.

You should contact various accountancy businesses to find out what they could offer you. Some may be able to offer you payroll services, and some will be able to handle your incoming and outcoming payments. You will not want to have any mistakes when it comes to your finances, which is why you should have experts handle this for you.

Customer Service

As technology evolves, the way in which your customer service department operates will likely change. We have already seen chatbots and voice automation become prevalent across the industry and become a staple of major companies and small enterprises alike. With that said, you can still outsource this department to customer service experts.

You could outsource the entire department to various call centres, or you could work with tech experts who can design chatbots that meet your needs. There are also WhatsApp bots you can utilise to help reply to customer queries and resolve some minor issues. Of course, for some major issues, you will still need to be resolved by a human, but this is why you have human experts on hand to man these bots, just in case they are needed.

It may be beneficial for your business to look into a phone answering service, such as the one provided by Signpost. They can provide your enterprise with 24/7 live receptionists, which can help your business handle callers outside of your traditional business hours and meet your demand more during the day.


On the topic of tech, your IT will likely be the backbone of your business. Without a working IT system, you won’t be able to process payments and you won’t be able to offer anything to your customers. It’s likely that your IT needs are massive, and that you have a lot that needs to be managed at any one time.

This is exactly why you should look to outsource some of your IT needs in some way. The way in which most businesses outsource their IT needs is by outsourcing the IT support part most of all. This means you work with a dedicated IT support team outside of your company who will be on hand 24/7 to get systems up and running again if they fail.

These IT experts can either assist your team directly, or they could assist your customers. These experts will be highly trained in how your IT systems work, so that you can fully trust them to work with your business. Speak to a few IT support businesses to find the one that you want to work with.

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