4 Types of Labels to Level up Your Business

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February 23, 2024

In the world of business branding and packaging, the quality of your labels can significantly impact your product's appeal. Partnering with a reputable label provider like The Adhesive Company ensures that your products stand out on the shelves. With a wide range of customisable label solutions, they can help elevate your brand's visibility and appeal to your target audience. Whether you're looking for durable outdoor labels, elegant wine bottle labels, or anything in between, the right company can provide the expertise and quality you need.

Let’s start with a simple question: would you purchase a product from Walmart or Target if it has no label on it? Definitely, not! 

Or, let’s say you stumble upon a product whose label doesn’t divulge much information. Would you purchase it? If not, know you aren’t alone. 60% of shoppers reveal they are unlikely to buy products whose labels do not provide enough information.  

In a nutshell, labels are important to market your products. Otherwise, how will people know what your brand sells? When products and mailing packages of a brand are adorned with labels, people recognise the brand instantly. This brand recognition can go a long way. 

Thus, if you’ve been struggling to level up your business, try playing with labels. In need of some inspiration? Read on to learn the four different types of labels that will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Key Takeaways on Types of Labels to Level up Your Business:

  1. Labels are Crucial for Marketing: Labels play a vital role in marketing by providing information about your brand and products. They help customers recognise and trust your brand.
  2. Roll Labels for Professional Consistency: Roll labels are versatile and cost-effective, allowing you to maintain professional consistency on all your products. Personalise them with your brand logo, colours, and contact information.
  3. Hang Tags for Attention-Grabbing Branding: Hang tags are portable extensions that can sell your products and elevate your branding. Customise them to match your brand's theme and consider using metal logo hang tags for a high-end touch.
  4. Mailing Labels for Cohesive Branding: Use mailing labels to save time, money, and create a cohesive, branded look on your packages and mailings. Branded mailing labels and return labels enhance the professional appeal of your brand.
  5. Product Labels for Information and Professionalism: Product labels are essential for providing detailed information about your products and reflecting professionalism. Keep them short, crisp, and vivid, conveying the necessary details to customers.
  6. Customise Labels for a Next-Level Customer Experience: Opt for customised labels that align with your brand's voice and tone. Personalise them with your logo, unique selling points, or any desired elements to enhance the customer experience.
  7. Maintain Consistency Across Labels: Ensure that all your labels, including product labels and mailing labels, maintain a harmonious design and branding elements. Consistency across labels contributes to a tastefully branded touch.
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1. Roll Labels 

In search of labels that will help you maintain professional consistency on all your products without costing a ton? Roll labels should be your go-to pick to grow your business, no matter its size. 

These labels are a great pick for small businesses because they help them maintain professional consistency on all their products in a cost-effective way. Be it jars, boxes, bags, or custom packaging, roll labels are highly versatile and can be used on almost everything. 

What’s more? You can personalise roll-style labels as you want by adding your brand logo, colors, contact information, and other details. 

Square, rectangular, or circle– you can print roll labels in whichever shape you want. Not to forget, roll-style labels are available in an array of finishes, ranging from plastic and paper to the high-end feel of gold foil. 

If you run a spa business, for example, you can stick a roll-style label on each product bag to increase your brand’s visibility. This will help you stay on top of the game. 

2. Hang Tags

Though small, hang tags pack a powerful punch. Brands use these portable extensions to direct customers’ attention to their products. When hang tags are cleverly used, they can sell your products. 

Brands like SKIVVIES, We Happy Few, and Smith & Wesson have started using hang tags to elevate their branding. Research reveals that the hang tags market is projected to generate revenues of $1,861.0 million this year. That’s massive. Start leveraging the underrated power of hang tag before it gets too late. Otherwise, staying ahead of your competition will become a challenge. 

One of the greatest perks of using hang tags is that they are customisable. From the material and shape to the finish, you can customise hand tags as per the theme of your brand. 

For businesses that want to add a special touch to their products, getting metal logo hang tags customised by a B2B metal tag company will be the best bet. Make sure to place metal tags in your products in such a way that they grab attention. 

U.S. Quick Tags remarks that blank metal tags are like a blank canvas waiting to be marked. As they are empty, you have the liberty to get them marked in any way you want. 

Basic characters? Check. Custom hand stamps? Check. Laser etching and engraving? Check. Dot peen marking? Check. 

Metal hang tags are great for high-end luxury shoe and clothing brands, pet grooming companies, and nail salons. 

3. Mailing Labels

Save your packages and letters from getting lost in the mail by using mailing labels. 

Like other labels, these labels are customisable. Not only do custom mailing labels save a lot of time and money, but they also ensure a cohesive, branded look on all your outgoing packages, mailings, and marketing. 

While branded mailing labels with printed logos add a professional flair to your package, return labels make it easy to send out mailings. As an e-commerce business owner, you should make maximum use of mailing labels in the pieces you send out because they create a strong and memorable brand experience. 

4. Product Labels

Whether you sell locally sourced food in your specialty shop or personal hygiene products, product labels are a must-have for your business. Besides adding a decorative touch, product labels allow people to access every single detail, from the product name to the ingredients list and usage details. 

Remember, the more information you add, the more the product label will reflect your professionalism. 

Even if you sell handcrafted products, product labels are a prerequisite, as your customers will spot them easily. Discover how incorporating custom soap labels can be one of the most effective types of labels to level up your business.

Keep the product labels short, crisp, and vivid. For example, if you’re running a gardening business, affix a custom label on each plant pot to tell buyers what they’ve bought. Besides that, you can remind them of the best practices for plant care. Easy, isn’t it?

Level up Your Brand With Labels

It may not seem important, but paying attention to labels can be a game-changer for your business. Instead of run-of-the-mill labels, opt for customised labels to deliver a next-level customer experience. 

Whichever label you choose for your brand, just make sure each of them echoes your brand’s voice and tone. Even your mailing label should be in harmony with your product labels. 

When choosing your brand label, start with the size, shape and move to the design. Get them customised with your brand’s logo, products USP, or whatever you want. There you have it – a lovely little label that can be hung or stuck to your product or packaging to add a tastefully branded touch! 

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