4 Ways that People-Finder Services are the Key to Successful B2B Marketing

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March 30, 2023

Getting your B2B marketing campaign to work for you can be a struggle, but it’s possible to use people finder services to better connect with your target audience.

Many businesses face multiple marketing challenges such as high-priced CPCs, a low volume of search returns, or leads that don’t end in a qualified lead. The good news is that knowing how to use these people search services can improve conversion and your B2B results. 

Check out the 4 best ways that utilising people search engine services can revolutionise your company’s B2B marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways: People-Finder Services in B2B Marketing

  1. Prequalify Your Target Audience: Use people search services to narrow down your audience, ensuring you connect with the right people for your business.
  2. Use the Right Keywords to Connect Problems with Solutions: Employ people search services to discover the questions people are asking and tailor your ad copy to address their needs.
  3. Create Layered Campaigns: Leverage first-party and third-party prospects for targeted marketing efforts, and use people search services to connect with industry-specific LinkedIn audiences.
  4. Hone Your Landing Page with People Search Data: Optimise your landing page based on targeted data reports from people search results, building trust and encouraging form submissions.
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1. Prequalify Your Target Audience

Many B2B marketing search campaigns face the issue that keywords may not completely hit their specific intent. For example, if your company manages IT services, you might narrow your audience to enterprise-level companies. The problem is that not every qualified user may include the right term when they Google a solution to their needs.

If you cast your net wider to get more people to click on your website, you run the risk of going too broad and returning results that don’t accurately reflect your organisation’s campaign. 

That’s where people search services come in. You can use search parameters and pricing to help narrow your audience to help the right people connect with your business.

2. Use the Right Keywords to Connect Problems with Solutions

B2B marketing campaigns often make the mistake of getting too specific when it comes to setting the keywords for their service or product. If ad wording gets too technical, chances are that only a tiny subset of people will know to search for those narrow keywords. This means that you can miss out on profitable opportunities to connect with clients and convert those clicks into sales. 

A people search service to help your campaign reach people who don’t even know that your product is the answer to their issue. When you use a people lookup service tool, you can discover what kinds of questions people are asking Google or other search engines. Then you can craft your advertising to demonstrate how your service or product meets their needs. 

It’s recommended to analyse your company’s reports on your own search terms to help your marketing team craft a better ad copy that’s tailored to optimise results. 

3. Create Layered Campaigns 

While many users may type vague questions into a search box, a people search service can help you hone in on your target audience via first-party and third-party prospects. The first part refers to your own reports about connections from previous campaigns, while the third party refers to the people that you’re currently trying to reach. 

A people search service can help you follow up with people who have opted into a newsletter, email list, or product or service update. You can issue bidding signals to these people to maintain their interest in your company’s solutions. With third parties, you’re trying to reach people who are actively looking for an exact service or product. This is your in-market audience for your B2B campaign.

For example, an IT company would focus on businesses, keywords, and audiences in the service, software, or network niches. A restaurant might connect with the food service industry and equipment supply chain. An accounting company could zero in on niche areas in the finance industry. 

Finally, using a people search service can help you target industry-specific LinkedIn audiences to create multiple B2B marketing layers that cast the advertising net just right.

4. Use People Search Data to Hone Your Landing Page

Any B2B campaign needs a specialised landing page that gives your potential clients information about pricing, services, or products, and the business size to which your company caters. 

If you’ve done your ad copy right, you’ve eliminated the wrong audience that doesn’t need or want to pay for your product or services. When you get targeted data reports from your people search results, this can help you improve form fields to make sure that you’re not only attracting serious clients but that you’re not discouraging them from submitting the form. 

Two of the biggest ways that you can build trust right off the bat are to avoid asking for unnecessarily personal information such as addresses or phone numbers in the form field and showcasing trusted feedback from people or businesses that have used your solutions or services.

The Bottom Line

If you’ve been on the fence about investing in a high-quality people search service or if you’ve struggled to get the desired results from your business’ marketing campaigns, consider using this tool to optimise your company’s chances for success. 

It’s important to think about what problems your customers would want to solve when you’re thinking about keywords for people search services and ad phrases to employ. Once you nail down your audience and what they want, you can focus on bringing in the leads that will help convert to sales.

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