Invest in You Podcast Interview - Fredrik Sandvall

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October 24, 2022

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Making a Change

It’s a natural thing that as you get filled up with information it becomes more difficult to take on new things and make changes. It’s in that process of it being difficult that the biggest results are realised.

We know at that point of difficulty, we’re breaking old habits and shifting to a new way of doing things and that is ultimately going to build the momentum needed to create that compounding effect.

Forcing the difficult stuff on ourselves enables us; because if you can get through then you will be even stronger.


Most people look at their competitors and come up with a price that is comparable. They are not thinking about what is in it for their customer at that point.

When you are charging money for time, the only person who benefits is the supplier.

It is a huge change for businesses to become masters at working out the ROI for their customers but is key to making the change to results based.

The Transformation

Step one – Raising the price

This is the easy part

Step Two- Validation

This is the harder part. It is about validating your price through demand for your service. It is at this point that mindset and limiting belief systems kick in and they can be overwhelming.

When you raise your price the number of yes’s will go down, but you will be able to get better results for your clients with a lower conversion rate.

You will need to be able to sell confidently and believe in your product

Best Moments

‘I move them from exchanging time for money to a results-based approach’
‘So, you believe in it enough that you would buy it?’
‘Most business owners just find it too hard and give up’
‘Realising they have to put the work in’
‘Don’t ever stop learning, find something you are passionate about and pursue it’

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Serial entrepreneur Fredrik Sandvall loves sharing ideas and interviewing world-class entrepreneurs and influencers. Invest in You is about investments, entrepreneurs, personal development and doing fun things. He hopes to ensure you take action, helping others and yourself, plus enjoy the journey we call life.

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