5 Areas Of Your Business That You Can Automate

December 23, 2022

5 Areas Of Your Business That You Can Automate

Automation involves using computers to automatically carry out tasks for you. It can be a great way of eliminating mundane business tasks, helping to free up time to spend on other areas of your business. 

There are so many different tasks that you can outsource from sending reminder messages to calculating tax. This post lists some of the major areas where automation can play a part.


Accounting software can help to automate almost all of your bookkeeping. There are programs that can monitor ingoing and outgoing costs into your account and automatically calculate how much tax you are due. Other accounting services such as your payroll can also be automated - using various employee information such as hours worked and holiday taken, automated payroll tools can calculate exactly how much pay each employee receives, as well as automatically paying it on the right date. Software may even be able to create budgets for you to stop you overspending. 


On the topic of your payroll, it’s possible to automate various human resources tasks if you are an employer. Software can keep track of sick days, holiday and other absence - automatically messaging employees if they still have holiday to use up or sending you a warning message if they’ve been absent too often. Tasks like building rotas can also be automated to save you time. It’s also possible to set up automatic time clocks that may even be able to alert you if someone is constantly clocking in late or clocking out early. 


Marketing is also an area that can benefit from automation. Such automation relies on recording customer data such as date of birth, address, purchase history and gender. Using the best marketing automation software, it’s possible to take this data and create various automated promotions via email or text. This includes automatically recommending specific products based on past purchases, automatically sending reminder messages or sending birthday discounts. Various other marketing tasks may also be possible to automate such as scheduling PPC ad campaigns and proofreading written content for errors.

Customer Support

It may even be possible to automate aspects of customer support to reduce strain on your team. Automated chatbots are possible to use on websites to help answer queries from customers. Automated phone menus can meanwhile be used to direct customers to the right department. Finally, it’s possible to use automation to send out various surveys to customers and record the results in easy-to-read graphs - giving you feedback that can help you to improve various areas of your business.

Billing Customers

Do you sometimes forget to send out invoices? Automatic billing software can help to send out bills automatically. It can also send automatic payment reminders before a bill is due, and late payment reminders if a bill has not been paid. You can also be automatically alerted if a customer has failed to pay their bill on time, allowing you to chase them up in good time.This could make keeping track of customer payments a lot easier.

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