5 Essentials for Your Next Job Advertisement

18 Jul 2019

Content is the one thing that you have at your disposal to ensure that you reel in the biggest and the best candidates when advertising a role. The words that you write in your job advertisement is the bait on the hook for the job that you want to reel in for, and it's important you reach your target audience. Creating the perfect job advertisement means that you need to include a list of things to attract the right talent and encourage them to apply for the role that you have available. Whatever you want for your business, you need to convey this in your written advert and a part of that will be ensuring that you use the right language to offer them what they want.

If your job advertisement is well-written, you will be swarmed with applications from the right group of people. Content is key for attracting the right people, and there are a lot of things that you should include in your advert to be precise and clear about your needs as a business. To that end, you need to include the following five things in your recruitment advert if you want it to be successful in getting the right applicants.

Job Information

From the catchy title to the list of must-haves, your job advert should be dripping with information about the role itself. You should talk about the skills that you require for the position, the key competencies of the role, and the success measures that you want. Candidates can then compare what they have with what you need and know right away that they can apply.


Where the job is located is important. They need to know if they can commute to the position if they get the role and they need to see if they can manage that long term. If your role requires candidates to travel or be mobile, then indicate that in the ad, too.


As part of a job advert, you need to tell your prospective candidates what you need from them. If you plan to do corporate background checks or drug tests, that should be made very clear in the job advertisement. The better candidates won't mind at all, and you can then ensure that you prepare candidates that they will have additional checks outside their resume.

Contact Information

You need to let your candidates know how to apply and how to contact you. They could want more information about the job itself, and you can provide that with the correct details in front of them.


Lastly, people always look at the salary and benefits first. The best addition to your job advertisement will be in the reward section, so think about adding that in as you go. The incentives encourage people to apply, just be realistic on your promises and don't overestimate how much you can offer. Your job advert can be a success with each of these elements, but the rewards are the most important!

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