5 Simple CRM Tips to Get More Out of Your Customer Data in 2023

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April 29, 2024

Customer relationship management software has a ton of advantages. But you must note that how you use it will determine how your organisation benefits from the system.

An effective CRM system is an integral part of ensuring a business’s success. That’s especially now that customer satisfaction is becoming highly regarded.

Keeping your customer happy helps to establish brand loyalty and retention. Considering that the two can positively affect an organisation’s profitability. However, only 18 percent of companies focus on customer retention.

A simple CRM, provides value to their target market by keeping them engaged.  It helps you acquire new customers at a low cost, while at the same time retaining your old customers without disturbing your existing customers.

You should also ensure that you keep your customers informed throughout the sales funnel. This will in turn, build trust and credibility leading to more projects and clients.

Key Takeaways on Simple CRM Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Customer Data:

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is essential for business success: CRM helps maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn establishes brand loyalty and retention, positively impacting a company's profitability. However, it's noted that only 18% of companies focus on customer retention.
  2. CRM helps in customer acquisition and retention: It is an effective tool for acquiring new customers cost-effectively and retaining existing ones without disturbing current customers. Keeping customers informed throughout the sales funnel builds trust and credibility, leading to more projects and clients.
  3. CRM can make your brand stand out: In a competitive market, integrating new technologies into your CRM system can deliver excellent customer service and make your brand stand out. However, businesses need to constantly improve their customer relationships due to rising customer expectations and advancing technology.
  4. Tips for maximising customer data in 2023:
  5. Proper Integration of the Platform: Master and customise the CRM tool to fit your organisation's needs. Make sure every department is familiar with the tools relevant to them.
  6. Create a Data Standard: After installation and onboarding, set entry standards for data to ensure consistency across the board. Automating data collection about clients can also be helpful.
  7. Automation of Tasks: Use CRM to automate various repetitive tasks, allowing the team to focus on higher-level operations. This can lead to increased productivity, effective marketing efforts, and better interactions with clients.
  8. Place the Customer First, Not the Organisation: The latest generation of CRM software focuses on customer retention and personalised experiences. Use the data available to understand your customer's purchasing behavior and provide personalised experiences.
  9. Train Your Team Member: Equip your staff with the right skills to use the CRM system effectively. Training can be through team building, seminars, or workshops.
  10. Re-evaluate your CRM system: If your business has outgrown the software you currently use, consider upgrading to a more advanced CRM software that can meet your evolving needs.
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CRM Tips to Gain More From Customers’ Data in 2023

With the competition in the market getting tougher, a good CRM might be the only thing that makes your brand stand out. However, entrepreneurs today think that achieving a good CRM is easier said than done.

Based on trends, a lot of customer relationship management software now integrates new technologies that aim to deliver excellent customer service. This makes it slightly more difficult for organisations to maximise the use of these tools.

Customer expectations on businesses have also risen further in the wake of the pandemic. This together with the new customer technology, organisations are now pushed to constantly improve their relationships with customers.

To help organisations in these efforts, we’ve listed simple CRM tips that will help businesses get more out of their customer data in 2023.

CRM Tips to Gain More From Customers’ Data
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1. Proper Integration of the Platform

It takes a lot of time and effort to master the customer relationship management tool. Some modern CRMs, like real estate CRM, try to be functional right out of the box. You must, however, note that it pays off to start slowly if a big team is implementing a new CRM.

Apart from that, the best CRM includes customisation options. Thus, you must start modifying them as soon as they are put in place. That is what will enable the organisation to meet its needs. You can, for instance, view demos of outstanding CRM solutions and take advantage of the available free trials.

You can also find live implementation assistance with premium CRM plans. If you’re a medium-sized or large enterprise, you will undoubtedly benefit from such setup assistance. Data migration is also part of this as customer data from different systems will need to be combined during each installation phase.

You must ensure that every department is familiar with its set of tools. That also applies to various professionals like marketers and the customer service department. If your business is a large firm, it will be best to have a point person for CRM installation. This person will be able to monitor CRM’s performance and instruct staff members on how to use CRM tools. 

2. Create a Data Standard

Once the installation and onboarding processes are complete, consider your clients’ data and metrics. To have consistency across the board, it’s crucial that you set entry standards.

Note that there won’t be a similar set of data in all the departments, and neither will there be the same KPIs and indicators for analysis. However, CRMs are specialised in offering full transparency between relationships with individuals. This includes customers, service users, colleagues, and suppliers throughout their lifecycle with the organisation.

Organisations can automate the collection of data about their clients that they need to use with a CRM system. The system can look up contacts through social media platforms like LinkedIn. It can also focus on the business and the roles or contact information such as phone numbers.

These variations provide a very important link between marketing effort and the sales teams. Setting up data standards as part of an early CRM strategy is also a great idea for startups. That’s because it enables the business to grow as nothing is lost or concealed. 

3. Automation of Tasks

Automation is one of the most important innovation features of the customer relationship management tool. A CRM can be used to replace various repetitive tasks for sales representatives and other employees. This will enable the team to concentrate on higher-level operations and less on data entry. An example of this is syncing LinkedIn messages to HubSpot, which can streamline communication and enhance customer engagement.

As a result, there will be more productivity due to effective marketing efforts and better interactions with clients.

Advertisements can also be targeted to the right silos, thanks to marketing automation. When you automate multiple processes in the sales lifecycle, it becomes easy to move leads through the pipeline. 

4. Place the Customer First, Not the Organisation

The latest generation of customer relationship management software is built to be customer first. That means placing more focus on customer retention and personalised experiences. Granted, these are recurring trends from previous years. However, we believe that they will be important in the years to come as well.

  • Customer retention. With all the available data, there’s no reason not to have a good understanding of your customer’s purchasing behavior. The current CRM system should provide you with customer information at your fingertips. Remember that a customer feels more valued when they don’t have to reiterate over and over again what happened as you resolve their issues.
  • Personalised experiences. Note that the experience an organisation gives its clients is just as important as the products or services that they offer. 

The need to put customers as the top priority is slowly gaining momentum.  This change is thanks to the ability to monitor interactions and how calls-to-actions convert data leading to insights that improve the overall campaigns. Come 2023, any organisation using CRM must leverage the behavioral insights accrued to inform more personalised interactions. 

5. Train Your Team Member

Your staff are the functional units of your organisation. They are the mobilisers that help in ensuring that the business achieves its vision. That said, you must be sure to train them and equip them with the right skills. This allows them to conduct their work properly.

You can train them through internal team building, attending seminars, or joining workshops. Reinforcing your staff and helping them upskill will enable you to see fruitful results.

Giving importance to employee satisfaction and retention is just as crucial as keeping your customer happy. Unfortunately, this is an overlooked aspect that a lot of organisations don’t value yet, prioritising the two helps to give the staff the drive and motivation to keep moving forward. 


Now that you’re updated on how to get the most out of your CRM, it's time you consider adjusting your strategy. That will help you to ensure that you provide the best customer experience. You should also consider evaluating your use of the CRM system. This will help in determining whether the tool can still meet the needs of your business.

If your business has outgrown the software you currently use, it shouldn’t worry you because there’s no shortage of more advanced CRM software. This sophisticated platform will help you to provide value to your target market by keeping them informed, engaged, and providing better customer experience.

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