6 Reasons to Use a Resume Builder

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May 31, 2024

Job hunting, interviews, and competency tests are stressful. However, before you get to that point, you must face the stress of creating a resume that appeals to employers. You may feel overwhelmed about creating the perfect resume, especially if you do not know where to start. Fortunately, in the same way technology makes other parts of life easier, resume builders make creating the perfect resume a breeze. Resume builders come with thousands of pre-written examples and resume samples for you to choose from. They include a whole bunch of other benefits, too. Below are a few reasons you should seriously consider using a resume builder to get your resume on point in 2024.

Key Takeaways on Using a Resume Builder:

  1. Time and Effort Saver: A resume builder streamlines the resume creation process, allowing users to utilise pre-formatted templates, saving time and effort. This enables a focus on job searching rather than wrestling with formatting intricacies.
  2. Professionalism with Ease: Resume builders provide professional-looking templates with pre-populated text options, ensuring relevance to the industry. This eliminates the hassle of designing a resume from scratch and makes an instant positive impression on employers.
  3. Accomplishment Emphasis: Resume builders help articulate accomplishments using action verbs and keywords, showcasing the value a candidate brings to an organisation. This emphasis is crucial for demonstrating suitability and passing through applicant tracking systems.
  4. Customizable Templates: Easily customise templates with colours, formats, and fonts to match industry standards and personal preferences. Resume builders offer flexibility, allowing users to experiment with layouts and create a unique yet eye-catching summary of education and skills.
  5. Cover Letter Assistance: Some resume builders include an automatic cover letter generation feature, simplifying the often challenging task of creating a cover letter. Users can tweak generated content to align with their voice, saving time and aiding in expressing their desire to work for a prospective employer.
  6. Integration with Job Boards and Social Media: Certain resume builders integrate with job boards and social media platforms, expediting the job application process. Users can directly apply for jobs from the resume builder platform, enhancing efficiency in job hunting.
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1. A Resume Builder Saves Time and Effort

If you get anxious just thinking about how out-of-date your resume is, do not fear. With a resume builder, you can use a pre-formatted template to create a new one from scratch. Designing and typing out a resume from scratch is incredibly time-consuming. Using a template with many formats and colours to choose from, you can delete the lorem ipsum text and add your details. This gives you enough time to focus on searching for your ideal job. 

2. A Resume Builder Gives You a Professional Resume Without the Fuss

Some resume builder templates include pre-populated text. This can be the inspiration for what you want to write about your work experience. You will also find templates appropriate for your industry. For instance, you want to avoid using pink borders and polka dots when you work in the construction industry. You do not want to create an angular, yellow and black one-page resume when applying for a job as a kindergarten teacher. Resume builders take the effort out of designing a relevant resume, which can help make an instant positive impression on employers. 

3. Resume Builders Help Emphasise Accomplishments

It is not always easy to put accomplishments into words. This is why resume builders often include action verbs and appropriate keywords and phrases. These give you a starting point for writing about your achievements throughout your career. It is crucial to highlight your accomplishments because they show employers the value you will bring to their organisation. This part of your resume impacts how a hiring manager views your suitability for a vacancy. 

Furthermore, the keywords that come with your chosen template can help you optimise your resume for applicant tracking systems (ATS). This means that when these software programs scan your resume, you have an increased chance of passing the screening stage of your job application. 

4. Resume Builder Templates Are Easy to Customise

You can customise your favourite template as much as you want to. You can change colours, formats, and fonts to suit the relevant industry and your personality. Resume builders allow you to experiment with resume layouts and colour palettes until you find a combination you are satisfied with. These programs also ensure that you don’t end up with a cookie-cutter resume but a unique summary of your education and skills that immediately catch the eye. 

5. You Can Create an Accompanying Cover Letter Using a Resume Builder

Many employers and recruiters ask for a cover letter along with a resume. Sometimes, creating a cover letter is even more challenging than a CV. Luckily, some resume builders come with an automatic cover letter generation feature. The software uses the information in your resume to create a cover letter for you. You don’t have to use what the generator spits out as is. You can take the main points and rewrite them in your own voice. Getting the bare bones of the cover letter done by a resume builder will save you a lot of time. It will also help you think more about what you want to say to your prospective employer regarding your desire to work for them. 

6. Some Resume Builders Can Integrate With Job Boards and Social Media

Resume builders not only make creating a resume faster and easier but also help speed up the job application process. Some resume builders have the functionality to integrate with job boards and social media platforms. This allows you to apply for that ideal job directly from the resume builder platform. 

A Resume Builder Is the Way to Go in 2024

Whether you choose a free resume builder or a paid option, this tool will help you create an impactful resume. Using a resume builder is not equivalent to taking the easy way out. Instead, it is about using smart technology to enhance your job search and land the career opportunity you have always wanted. 

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