7 Ways to Make Employment at Your Company More Appealing

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October 30, 2023

According to Statista, there were upwards of seven million unemployed people in America in 2022. With numbers so high, you may be tricked into believing you’ll have an easy time hiring talent. However, such large numbers of job seekers mean companies need to put in more effort to stand out. Being outwardly appealing will help you secure the right talent, instead of onboarding from the bottom of the litter.

Key Takeaways on Making Employment at your Company More Appealing:

  • Get Creative with Perks: Small businesses can offer unique perks like transport reimbursement or carpools to ease the financial burden of commuting.
  • Provide Plenty of Benefits: Beyond the standard 401K and health insurance, offer supplemental benefits like over-the-counter cards to support employees' income.
  • Create a Positive Workplace Culture: Job seekers value a healthy working environment. Tailor your company culture to resonate with your target audience.
  • Provide Incentives: Recognise and reward positive work through incentives like corporate trips, meals, and other rewards to boost productivity.
  • Location Attracts: Highlight local attractions near your business location in job advertisements to showcase work-life balance opportunities.
  • Prioritise Employee Wellness: Offer wellness programs and benefits like spa days, club access, and healthy snacks to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • Be Transparent: Ensure honesty and transparency during the hiring process. Deliver on promises made in handbooks and avoid making empty commitments.

To attract high-quality candidates, businesses should focus on creating an appealing workplace environment by implementing the strategies mentioned above.

Want to Close Bigger Deals?

Get Creative with Perks

Small businesses often struggle to provide financially demanding perks, which is why a little creativity is needed. For instance, you may reward your staff with free work perks from your favorite iconic brands. If you don’t have the revenue to open another location, consider providing transport, reimbursing public transport, or arranging carpools. If you can ease off the financial burden of commuting, you’re already appealing to more job seekers.

Provide Plenty of Benefits

Having fantastic perks in place is a must, but you need to remember the essential benefits. Your benefits package needs to be attractive to your employees, which means beating your competition. There are countless benefits to include with employment, and it goes beyond a 401K and health insurance. For example, you can support your employee's income by distributing an over-the-counter card, which you will find by exploiting this supplemental benefits solution.

Create a Positive Workplace Culture

The job description and pay are only part of the decision-making process when jobseekers are exploring businesses. Alongside the essentials, they’re searching for a healthy working environment. Essentially, they need to understand their position within the business. When putting together your company culture, you need to tailor it for the audience.

Provide Incentives

When people carry out positive work, they like to be acknowledged. Therefore, we recommend putting in an incentive system, which will see hard work celebrated. Incentives can be anything from corporate trips to meals, and rewards. When your employees receive recognition, they’re more likely to be productive and meet deadlines.

Location Attracts

Location is a winner when it boosts employment appeal. When posting a job advertisement, be sure to mention the local attractions. This can be anything from a water park, and malls, to restaurants. Location may not impact the job or salary, but it does allow you to factor in a much fairer work-life balance. When you are finding the right office space in Brooklyn, Manhattan, or wherever your business is located, make sure to check that the office has enough room for all the departments and that allows employees to work alone or in groups.

Prioritise Employee Wellness

Office spaces are where the majority of work is carried out these days, which makes wellness programs extremely encouraging. Maintaining a sedentary lifestyle can lead to body strains and zaps in motivation. You can appeal to employees by providing unique offers for spa days, access to clubs, subscription to meal prep delivery and healthy snacks.

Be Transparent

During the hiring process, make sure that every interaction you have with potential employees is honest and transparent. If you make promises in your handbook, ensure you deliver on them. If you make empty promises, your employees will pick up on this and they’ll be ready to find the door.

Making your workplace sound appealing to job seekers is a must, especially if you want to onboard high-quality candidates. You can make positions within your business feel appealing by implementing the tactics outlined above. 

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