8 Ways to Boost Brand Awareness Using Promotional Products

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May 31, 2024

Brand awareness is one of the most important aspects of running a successful, long-lasting business. If the public, and your target customers, are unaware of your brand’s products and services, you’ll have a hard time staying in business, after all. Here are just eight of the top ways you can boost brand awareness by using promotional products:

Key Takeaways on Boosting Awareness Using Promotional Products:

  1. Create “Walking Billboards”: Utilise promotional products like water bottles or tote bags that customers can use in public, turning them into walking advertisements for your brand.
  2. Give Customers Real-World Value: Offer promo gifts that serve day-to-day functions, such as bottle openers or tape measures, to increase interest in your brand through practical value.
  3. Build Valuable Connections: Promo gifts can make customers feel appreciated and not just seen as a source of income, enhancing customer loyalty and brand awareness.
  4. Marketing Consistency: Distributing promotional gifts helps your brand appear more consistently in customers' daily lives, increasing brand recognition and the likelihood of future business.
  5. Connect at Trade Shows: Use promotional gifts at trade shows to stand out and be remembered within your business community, creating new business opportunities.
  6. Create a Solid First Impression: Handing out promo gifts at community events can attract new customers and leave a positive first impression of your brand.
  7. Retain Loyal Customers: Promo gifts remind loyal customers of the value your products or services offer, showing appreciation for their business and encouraging continued loyalty.
  8. Budget-Friendly Marketing: Promotional marketing campaigns are cost-effective, allowing for widespread distribution of promo items that serve as tangible marketing tools in the community.

The article emphasises the effectiveness of promotional products in enhancing brand awareness through practical value, consistent marketing, and building valuable connections with both new and loyal customers, all in a budget-friendly manner.

Want to Close Bigger Deals?

1. Create “Walking Billboards”

Customers will do wonders for your brand’s public visibility if they use your products in the public sphere. Whether they’re using a water bottle, or a wearable (like a branded custom tote bag), they’ll become a defacto “walking billboard” for your brand every time they take your promo gift out into the real world. This type of IRL marketing is difficult to create using any other organic marketing technique and is key to why promo marketing campaigns have become so popular.

2. Give Customers Real-World Value

Beyond making your product visible IRL, you can provide customers with promo gifts that provide real-world value. One of the best ways to achieve this effect is to give out gifts that serve a specific day-to-day function, such as promotional pens, a water bottle, bottle opener, or tape measure. As others see your customer using their real-world value gift, they will become more intrigued about what your brand provides.

3. Build Valuable Connections

Promo gifts help customers to feel appreciated. Unfortunately, many people assume that any interaction they have with a business will end up costing them money. By giving them gifts for free, you ensure that they know you see them more as a simple source of income. By building valuable connections via promotional marketing campaigns, you’ll greatly increase customer loyalty to your brand, and overall brand awareness. Combine promo marketing with social media marketing campaigns for even more brand-boosting power!

4. Marketing Consistency

To market effectively in today’s dynamic, competitive economic landscape, you need to market in a consistent, hyper-frequent fashion. By giving a promo gift to your customers (both old and new), you make your brand appear in their day-to-day lives more consistently. Not only will this increase brand awareness, but it will make it more likely that they will seek out your company the next time they need the products and/or services that you offer.

5. Connect at Trade Shows

If your company is frequently present at trade shows, then you can use promo marketing gifts to greatly boost your brand’s visibility within your direct business community. Give out gifts that will help provide immense value on the trade show floor (such as snacks, pens, and tote bags), and you will make your fellow business-minded community members remember your brand fondly. This will help you create brand-new business opportunities for your company in the long run as well.

6. Create a Solid First Impression

Branded promotional marketing efforts can be used to great effect with customers who’ve never even heard of your business (not just those that you already have a history with). With this in mind, you should give out promo gifts at community events to create a solid first impression, and attract brand-new customers to your business. Every gift you give out will immediately boost the public’s awareness of your brand positively.

7. Retain Loyal Customers

While creating brand-new customers is always a great idea, you also need to do your best to retain already-loyal and valuable customers. Free promo gifts will help remind these customers of the value of your products and/or services provided to them and will demonstrate just how much you value their business simultaneously. The more effort you put into customer research, the more easily you can pick out a promo product that will be right up your customers’ alley. For example, if your research shows a high percentage of gamers among your customers, gaming mousepads with attractive designs could be a perfect fit. With this knowledge, you can source from bulk mousepad manufacturer who offers customisation options, allowing you to create unique designs that resonate with your target audience.

8. Budget-Friendly Marketing

One of the most useful aspects of promo marketing campaigns is how incredibly cost-effective and budget-friendly they are. In many cases, you can get thousands of promo items for just a few hundred bucks. As you get these gifts out into the real world, they will provide tangible, guerilla marketing benefits that will make you more visible in the community than you ever thought possible.

Supercharge Your Brand Awareness

By keeping these eight benefits in mind, you’ll be well on your way to supercharging your brand awareness in the coming years. Take your time to plan out your promotional marketing campaigns, and you’ll find more value in them, and create a more valuable public image of your brand as a result. Soon, you’ll have a whole slate of new customers, and your previous loyal customers will be running to do business with your company again. 

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