A Simple Guide for the Newbie Londoner

November 22, 2022

A Simple Guide for the Newbie Londoner - Your Next Adventure
Robin Waite - Business Coach

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Moving to the Big Smoke is unbelievably exciting and is one of the greatest adventures you could ever hope to have, especially if you’re planning on moving to London on your own.

However, it will be somewhat of a culture shock, whether you are moving from a nearby town, a smaller city, or even from overseas and as such, the following guide will provide you with some invaluable advice when it comes to surviving your first few weeks as a newbie Londoner.

Cook at Home When You Can

Although it can seem a brilliant deal when walking the length and breadth of Charing Cross Road, for example, to grab a slice of pizza from a street vendor on your lunch break, but these little costs do tend to add-up.

As you’ll probably already know, the cost of living in London is significantly higher than, say, Leeds and the rest of the North and as such, you need to get yourself in the Londoner mindset of not spending money when you don’t have to. Instead, cook at home when you can. Waiting until the 9pm mark when the supermarkets tend to reduce their products is a secret money-saving tip which some Londoners live by.

Be Loyal to Your Location

Another incredibly important thing to remember on your quest to quickly become a Londoner is that the area you’re living in, whether you’re renting or have bought a property, is part of your new identity.

This makes searching for the right area for you to stay in, for however long you’ll be in London for, all the more important and you should do as much research as you possibly can. In addition, if you’re looking for rooms to rent in London, then make sure you go with an authenticated and reputable company and check out the reviews before you sign a contract.

Be Brave with Your Fashion Choices

The third part of becoming a true Londoner, even if only for a couple of months or so, is to start to care less and less, as time goes by, about what people think and instead start to express yourself and your personality in every way you can, especially in the way you dress.

The trick to dressing to fit in with the London crowd is to combine this stylistic impression of who you are through your clothing and accessory choices with the practicality of London life. Naturally, as the capital of England, the weather in London can vary as many as sixteen times in the course of one day and as such, staying as weather-proofed as possible while still ‘styling it out’ is vital.

Even after being in London for only a few hours, you will have noticed business people on the tube and buses with immaculate suits and ties combined with running shoes and trainers. Keeping a waterproof coat, a pair of sneakers and a pair of sunglasses is the best way to protect yourself from the weather and stay as comfortable as possible with all that walking.

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