Benefits of Vanity Phone Numbers in Business

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February 24, 2023

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The US has the largest advertising market in the entire world. In 2021, statistics showed that about $280 billion was spent on advertising, followed by China with over $90 billion. This is evidence that in the US, a lot is used in advertising to do brand awareness, expand the market for a product, and attract as many customers as possible. As a business owner, you must know that marketing is among the most critical aspects of any successful business. A business forms part of creating brand awareness and reaching a diverse market. Fortunately, there are vanity phone numbers that help businesses raise awareness quickly.

A vanity phone number can either spell words or contains memorable digits to help customers easily contact your business. Although most people today prefer to get information through social media, there are still many customers out there who prefer calling. This number enables your customers to talk to live agents and get responses instantly. This means that with a vanity phone number for your business, you can easily offer support to clients and gauge whether your marketing campaigns have reached many people. Studies have shown that using vanity phone numbers helps increase how often your business is recognised and how your products are often referred to by over 30%.

Here are some of the renowned brands that have benefited from using vanity phone numbers;

  • 1-800-FLOWERS
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK
  • 1-800-CONTACTS

Benefits of vanity phone numbers in business

Regardless of the size of your business, having a vanity phone number is the most incredible way for customers to reach you.

Here is how your business will benefit from a vanity phone number;

It is memorable

If you compare a vanity phone number with any other random digits number, you will realise that they are memorable. Your business needs a number that can easily stick to the customers' minds, so they don't struggle to reach you. To make the most out of your advertising and marketing campaigns, ensure you have a vanity phone number to grab the customers' attention. These numbers are more effective for businesses that advertise using billboards because potential customers need more time to digest and remember information. They can easily reach out and seek more information with the vanity phone number.

It gives your business flexibility

These phone numbers are ideal for business owners who still do business while travelling. The vanity phone number can be diverted to any mobile phone, meaning that even while journeying, the company will still be in touch with customers. Instead of being confined in an office environment, you can forward this phone number to your cell phone, have complete portability, and give customers the needed service.

Moreover, if you pair the vanity business number with VolP, you can continuously grow the business. Missed calls are a business killer because they cost your business leads and sales. The vanity phone number and a VolP system help customers to reach you regardless of location. You get to work on the go with no adverse effect on the calling customers.

It improves brand recognition

A business that uses a vanity phone number is easily recognised by people, thus improving brand awareness. Some firms use their brand name in the number or any word that sums up the business. You can also make the vanity number your brand name. This way, customers learn and grow to associate with this number as your brand and can easily recognise you. For instance, if your business deals with hair, a vanity phone number such as 1-800-HAIR will automatically tell customers, they are contacting a hair business and are in the right place.

A vanity phone number also puts the name of your business at the forefront of the customers' minds whenever they are asked for a referral. As long as you have the product, you have a competitive edge over the other businesses offering the same product.

It is professional

Customers will always want to do business with a credible and well-established business, something that most new businesses do not enjoy. This is why investing in a vanity phone number should be the priority of every new business. Having this number at the start of your business will gain your company a good reputation and credibility. When a customer calls and receives a warm greeting from a professional it is  better for the business. However, it is essential to use a vanity phone number that is fit for your business if you have to consolidate the brand and enhance its image.

Moreover, the number serves the purpose of telling your customers what services you offer and creating a sense of professionalism. Customers will feel more comfortable dealing with such a business.

Improves customer service

Most businesses struggle to provide services to their customers because they lack a vanity phone number, a tool that will allow customers to reach out to them anytime during the business operation. This is why a vanity phone number is essential, as the customer no longer has to go through the internet scouring. The number is easy to remember and provides how returning customers can quickly get support from the business.


To sum up, vanity phone numbers are essential for a business to thrive despite stiff competition. Whether small or a corporation, vanity phone numbers will ensure that the business is constantly growing. These numbers enable the business to reach out to leads, provide customer support, and, most importantly, are ideal for advertising campaigns.

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