Best Investor Visa Advice For Entrepreneurs Landing In Italy

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November 7, 2022

Best Investor Visa Advice For Entrepreneurs Landing In Italy
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Italy is a great country for immigrants, and countless Americans move to this destination every year. Retirees love it for the peaceful vibes, and young families acclaim its excellent education and healthcare systems. It is also a hot favorite business destination for entrepreneurs looking to go global. If you want a quick start for your venture, the Italian investor visa makes immigration a breeze. If you want to know more, a great explanation is provided by the team of for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to explore the option of an overseas startup. Here is the best advice for startup aspirants landing in Italy.

Choose your investment option wisely

The eligibility requirements for the Italian investor visa are minimal as it relies mainly on your capacity to invest. If you have enough funds to buy the golden visa, getting in is effortless as you only need to choose wisely. You even have different funding options to consider according to your preference and spending capacity. These include-

●       An innovative Italian startup- €250,000

●       An existing company- €500,000

●       A donation to a public welfare initiative- €1 million

●       Italian government bonds- €2 million

Get your paperwork ready

Besides deciding on the ideal investment option, you must get your paperwork ready before starting the project. Although you need not bring the money at this stage, you will have to furnish proof of funds to establish your investment capacity. You will require bank statements while applying for the nulla osta (certificate of no impediment), which is the first step of the process.

Find an investor visa expert

Although the Italian investor visa is one of the fastest and easiest immigration routes, you cannot consider the process for granted. The best piece of advice is to seek guidance from an expert to complete the process at the earliest. Their services are worthwhile because they ensure no errors and omissions in the paperwork or steps of the process. Moreover, you feel a lot more confident with an expert showing the way.

Have funds at hand before landing

Seasoned experts recommend having funds at hand before landing because you will need them right after obtaining the residence permit. The timeline for bringing in the committed investment is within three months after getting your residence permit. Missing out on the deadline means the authorities will send you back to your country. Ensuring funds at hand limits the risk and makes it easy to start your venture.

Think long-term

An investor visa gives you a start with a new life in Italy. You can bring your family without additional investment, start a business in Italy, and propagate it across the EU markets. The investor visa also makes you eligible for citizenship by naturalisation in the long run, so think long-term when you land in Italy. The entire journey takes a decade and involves several formalities, but the effort is worthwhile.

Following these valuable tips can help you ease the investor visa process while setting up a business in Italy. Stick with an expert to make the transition an easy one!

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