Big Data And Small Business: 4 Essentials Tools

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October 19, 2022

Want to Close Bigger Deals?

When it comes to big data, it’s hard to find suitable excuses to avoid the trend. With insight into buying patterns and an actionable plan for corporate stats, big data can take your company to the next level. The problem for SMBs is the assumption that this tactic is only for massive corporations and conglomerates. Unlike you, these organisations have the resources and software to sift through reams of figures and spot patterns. You, however, can’t, or that’s why small business owners believe.

Big data solutions for SMB do exist. Carry on reading to find out more about them and how to implement them into your company’s plan.

Business Analyst

Forget apps and new software releases right now because the most beneficial tool is a person. Yes, human resources are not obsolete yet. According to the University of Maryland, analysts can affect everything from collecting and summarizing data to making predictions. The sad thing is that they are also viewed as an indulgence and avoided by small and medium-sized firms. In reality, you can hire a freelance analyst who doesn’t need a table and desk. The key is to hire cleverly, and Project BI has some fantastic tips if you’re searching for inspiration.


SAS is an analytics software and solutions company that focuses on your data. The way it works is easy to understand. Their MO is to take client data and turn it into tailormade insights that center of individual companies. So, you won’t get generic advice that any business can use. Instead, SAS try and provide insights that offer perspective. That way, you can use their tips to influence the decision-making process. Essentially, they fix what doesn’t work to make the company more profitable and consistent. You could attempt to mine data and execute forecasting, yet it’s easier to hire experienced professionals.

Google Analytics

The excellent thing about Google Analytics is that it is self-explanatory. The interface makes it simple to understand, which means you don’t have to waste time and energy wondering whether you’re interpreting the data correctly. Also, it offers SMBs extra flexibility. While a partner such as SAS is an excellent resource, you might not need or be able to afford a comprehensive service. Google Analytics works independently or with other platforms to make you aware of vital concepts such as bounce and conversion rates. And, it’s free, which means it goes hand-in-hand in every budget regardless of the size.


Big data is crucial for all areas of business, yet the department it has the most impact on is marketing. Understanding customer behavior is almost impossible as they are unpredictable. You need to go through previous purchasing habits or influence them with online advertising and a digital presence. Kissmetrics does all of this through its onboarding process. With three months of marketing guidance, you can create and manage email blasts, eCommerce services, and social media posts. This should improve brand awareness and generate leads while reducing bounce and cart abandonment rates.

With these platforms, big data and SMBs will work together seamlessly.

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