Brand Mascot: A Super Emotive Tool for Brand Marketing

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November 2, 2022

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A brand mascot as a cartoon character can be an effective way of creating a playful tone around your brand. It, therefore, attracts customers effortlessly because we humans naturally crave friendly, human connections. We buy more from a brand we empathise with, and your mascot can be the tool to evoke those emotions in buyers as it humanises your brand.

Just think about Tony the Tiger of Kellogg and Coco the Monkey of Coco Pops. These mascots have become very much associated with the brands. Whenever you see the mascot, you subconsciously visualise the product, and hence the brand itself.

A brand mascot can take your brand marketing to the next level. Here's how:

Mascots create human connections

One of the chief reasons for using brand mascots is the human connections they establish. Buyers are humans, influenced by emotions. Create a happy image that looks funny, and you've given your audience something to relate to on a more human level. It is beyond the letters and words they see on screens. With such an exciting personality representing your company, chances are your brand will stick in the mind of your audience.

It personifies your brand

Let's face it; humans are tired of the faceless and lifeless logos they see a million times a day. A mascot can be that shift from the normal that induces a different and softer reaction from viewers.

Businesses have realised the need to bring life to their brand through storytelling and other forms of human engagement. However, in a saturated commercial industry where everyone is doing more or less the same thing, a mascot can be that unique object that personifies your brand.

A brand mascot helps you achieve a deep level of uniqueness. It gives your company life, warmth, and personality. That's why companies are utilising custom mascot costumes for their trade shows and events. Moving around in such a costume is an attention grabber, and people will want to touch and feel your smiling mascot, their new friend.

Promotes engagement with fans

A brand mascot is like a celebrity brand ambassador in more ways than one. With an imposing presence and personality, a brand mascot appeals to a large audience just like a celebrity does.

That's why you want to make your custom mascot as friendly-looking as possible. Tigers are naturally fierce, but every kid loves Tony the Tiger because of its friendly face and mannerisms. So whether on social media or at a tradeshow event, using an exciting mascot costume will incite people to engage and take photos with you. Imagine how much brand awareness you indirectly establish when they upload such media.

Final Words

Of course, kids may be drawn to Kellogg and Coco pops because of their friendly cartoon characters. So using Mascot costumes can be a brilliant way to appeal to the younger audience, giving their parents a chance to learn about the company and patronise them.

But it's the human connection formed with mascots that makes people easily recognize and associate them with businesses. That, of course, is invaluable to your brand identity.

So why not get creative and invent your custom mascot costume today?

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