Break Down of Different Roles in a Video Production Agency

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March 26, 2024

While the facts may show that most of us got into the film and video business in view of our adoration for the craft of filmmaking, the savage example we as a whole in the end need to learn is that this industry is tied in with bringing in cash. We should run down the positions and jobs you'll have to fill to staff a successful video production agency.

Most video production companies start small, however that doesn't mean making a video video organisation is a little errand. You clearly need a ton of capital, stuff, and gear. Also, assuming that you will scale your activity and take on greater, more worthwhile tasks, you will require individuals. You will have to staff a decent group.

Key Takeaways on the Different Roles in a Video Production Agency

  1. Sales/Client Manager: Delegate someone to handle networking, cold pitches, and client management to secure new projects effectively.
  2. Producer: Employ a dedicated project manager to oversee production, ensuring smooth coordination and timely completion.
  3. Director: Every project requires a skilled director to visualise, communicate, and lead the creative direction from start to finish.
  4. Director of Photography: The DP collaborates closely with the director, overseeing the camera department and ensuring high-quality shots.
  5. Camera Operator: Responsible for operating the camera and related equipment, ensuring precise framing and shot execution.
  6. Gaffer/Lighting Team: Essential for setting up and managing lighting on set, collaborating with the DP to achieve the desired visual atmosphere.
  7. Audio Technician: Ensure high-quality sound recording and management throughout the production process, working closely with the director and DP.
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Sales/Client Manager

At one point, you'll believe somebody should go about as the go-to person for your organisation. They'll deal with some systems administration, and exploring, and effectively work to get new clients and ventures.

The role includes:

  • Cold pitches and systems administration.
  • Driving gatherings and deals introductions.
  • Client the executives and correspondence.
  • Dealing with hitting deals standards.
  • Working intimately with makers.


When your deals staff has another creation secured, you'll require a committed undertaking chief — known as a maker in the video world — to deal with the matter of connecting the creation's pieces together and seeing it with finishing.

Recruiting a maker over a task manager is significant. Makers have further comprehension of the creation and after creation process.

The role includes:

  • A lot of film and video information into all pieces of creation.
  • Solid relational abilities with clients.
  • Pre-creation abilities for sorting out an undertaking.
  • Booking and planning abilities.
  • Solidifying and putting together all the important film and resources required for an undertaking.
  • Working intimately with the chief to finish the task extension, timetable, and financial plan.


Each movie and video project needs a strong chief in charge, somebody who can picture, impart, and direct every part of a venture's creation from beginning to end.

The role includes:

  • A lot of film and video information into all pieces of creation.
  • Solid relational abilities to work with cast and group.
  • An imaginative psyche and the capacity to think rapidly on set.
  • Excellent critical thinking capacities.
  • Working intimately with the overseer of photography and the remainder of the team heads or individuals.

Director of Photography

The DP regulates the camera office and works intimately with the chief.

An overseer of photography (DP) normally goes about as the right-hand-man of the chief and supervises everything in the camera division.

The role includes:

  • A specialist comprehension of various film and camcorders and stuff.
  • An elevated degree of information on the specialty of cinematography, structure, and lighting.
  • Solid relational abilities to work with the chief and the remainder of the camera team.
  • Working intimately with the camera administrator, the gaffer/lighting division, and any other person associated with having an incredible chance.

Camera Operator

While it's a job frequently filled by the DP, numerous expert video shoots have a committed camera administrator (who at times works close by an associate camera administrator). The camera administrator truly works the camera and related gear — mounts, gimbals, Steadicam, and so on.

The role includes:

  • Great information on various cameras and related gear.
  • Solid camera abilities for taking care of a camera, outlining a shot, and setting centre.
  • Tuning in and imparting abilities between the DP and any collaborators.

Gaffer/Lighting Group

A gaffer (likewise called the head lighting expert) is answerable for setting lighting on a film or video project. The gaffer works with the DP and handles the arrangement, support, and security precautionary measures for all the lighting on set.

The role includes:

  • Superb information on lighting stuff and uses.
  • Strong security conventions for appropriately setting up, utilising, and separating lights.
  • Relational abilities with the remainder of the team and any collaborators.
  • Working intimately with the DP and chief to adjust lighting for each shot, depending on the situation.

Audio Technician and Sound Recording

This is one more job that includes an entire division on a conspicuous component, however frequently only a couple of individuals on a little undertaking. A sound expert will be responsible for all the sound and sound recording on an undertaking.

The role includes:

  • Brilliant information on sound recording and sound plan.
  • Experience with every conceivable kind of receivers and blenders.
  • Relational abilities with the remainder of the group and any partners.
  • Working intimately with the chief to guarantee all the sound is recorded accurately, as well as the DP to guarantee no mouthpieces are apparent in any shot.
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Editor/Editing Supervisor

A proofreader handles the recording in after creation. When creation wraps, the maker will carry all the recording and resources for a proofreader or altering boss, who then makes an after creation work process.

The role includes:

  • Incredible information on pertinent video altering stages.
  • A solid comprehension of altering hypothesis and computerised resources.
  • An imaginative brain for narrating and critical thinking any issues with film.
  • Working intimately with the maker and any extra after creation jobs like movement designs and additionally shading.

Motion Graphics/VFX

In a significant number of the creation organisations I've worked with, movements past fundamental movement illustrations (lower thirds, logos, and so on) were conveyed to a movement designs master or VFX craftsman.

The role includes:

  • Foundation moving illustrations and VFX plan.
  • Capability in cutting edge stages like Delayed consequences, Film 4D, Nuke, and so on.
  • Working intimately with the maker or altering manager to go over any layouts or storyboards, as well as giving input and audits.


At long last, notwithstanding movement illustrations, high level variety remedy, and variety evaluating would go to a different trained professional, once in a while to accelerate the work process. The colorist works with the last draft of a venture to secure the planned variety tasteful and look.

The role includes:

  • Foundation in variety hypothesis and realistic shading.
  • Proficiency in color grading platforms like DaVinci Resolve, Red Giant Colorista, and/or Adobe Color software.
  • Working intimately with the maker and altering manager for conclusive variety redresses and reviewing.


Once more, the jobs above are normal and by and large acknowledged as best practice, yet they aren't cut in stone. Get innovative while building a team for your video production agency, and track down ways of reducing expenses without forfeiting the nature of your work. Eventually, regardless of what your hierarchical graph resembles, simply ensure it's populated by innovative associates you realise you can depend on.

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