Business Premises Security Updates: Creating a Safer Space for Employees and Customers

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March 20, 2023

Business Premises Security: Create a Safe Space for Employees
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Business premises are essential in protecting the assets of a company and safeguarding their operations. To ensure the safety and security of employees, customers, and business operations, businesses must regularly update their security measures. This is especially true for businesses located in areas with high crime rates or those that operate on sensitive or valuable materials.

Security updates should include physical upgrades such as additional lighting, reinforced doors, and surveillance cameras and improving employee knowledge about security procedures. Implementing these changes can be costly, but it is essential to reducing risks and creating a safe space for employees and customers.

1. Physical Security Upgrades

Physical security upgrades are essential to enhancing business premises’ safety, as they help ensure any unwanted intruders can be deterred or identified. Physical security upgrades usually include additional lighting, reinforced doors and locks, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras. Additional lighting helps make the area more visible to employees and those unwelcome visitors who may try to enter at night. Reinforced doors and locks can be useful in preventing break-ins from burglars who may want to access sensitive information or valuable items inside the building. Motion sensors act as a warning system for someone approaching the premises after hours. Lastly, surveillance cameras are a great way to monitor activity on the property and record any suspicious behavior.

2. Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are another great way to increase security at business premises. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems allow businesses to monitor activity in and around the building and can be used as evidence in cases of theft or vandalism. Additionally, companies can use wireless surveillance cameras that allow them to remotely access footage from any location with an internet connection. Telephone entry systems are a popular security option for commercial locations, including condos, apartment complexes, office buildings and factories.

3. Employee Training

Although physical upgrades and surveillance systems can help protect businesses from external threats, employees should also be trained to protect the premises adequately. For example, employees should understand proper protocol in emergencies or suspicious activity and how to deal with visitors who might try to enter without permission. In addition, they should know the locations of all emergency exits and alarms. Companies can provide seminars on safety procedures, run drills for different scenarios, or hold security meetings regularly to ensure that everyone is informed about relevant policies.

4. Benefits of Improved Security Measures

Employee training is another important component of business premises’ security. Employees should be made aware of safety protocols as well as any security measures that are in place at the company. They should also know what action to take if an intruder does manage to enter the building. This can include alerting other employees, contacting authorities, or even taking steps to protect themselves and others on-site. Regular training sessions can help ensure that employees are up-to-date on security procedures and confident in their knowledge of how to respond during a situation.

Businesses should always make sure that their premises are secure and up-to-date with the latest security measures. Implementing physical upgrades, surveillance systems, and employee training can be time consuming and costly but they are necessary steps to protect property and lives in cases of emergencies or unexpected threats. With the right safety protocols in place, businesses can rest easy knowing that their premises are safe and secure. 

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